Understanding the Cost of Thermage Treatment In Singapore                
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understanding the cost of thermage treatment

Understanding the Cost of Thermage Treatment In Singapore                

Thermage treatment has turned out to be a highly demanded procedure among people throughout the world. At present, celebrities are undergoing thermage treatment, which is a safe procedure to get a skin tightening effect and eradicate fine lines. If this is the kind of skin that you wish to maintain, thermage is what you should consider undergoing.

However, the cost of thermage might be something you are wondering about; why it is so high and what services it includes. As you might be curious about what you’re paying for, here is a review that consists of the breakdown of thermage cost Singapore. You will also find details about thermage procedure, its benefits and who is it suitable for?

What Is Thermage?

Thermage treatment is a non-invasive procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to smoothen wrinkles and reduce fine lines. This treatment can be done to tighten the skin on the face, neck, and eyelids. It can even be used to redefine contours of arms, thighs, and buttocks with more in-depth treatments. Essentially, thermage stimulates the repair process of the skin by the heat generated from the radiofrequency device. The desired outcomes are brought about by the tightening of the skin’s surface.

thermage body treatment

Radio waves penetrate the deeper skin layers up to the collagen-rich layer. At a young age, a lot of collagen is produced that keeps your skin tight and fleshy. With age, the skin reduces its firmness because of the decline in collagen generation. That’s where thermage comes into play; It kick starts the repair process of your skin, enhancing circulation and reviving collagen production.

What Is Radiofrequency?

Radiofrequency (RF) is a kind of energy, the frequency or wavelength of which falls in the radio wave electromagnetic spectrum. It has also been long in use as non-invasive skin tightening facials, also called the non-surgical facelift.

While the RF waves are much slower than the visible light, they can safely and more effectively penetrate a deeper skin layer than lasers. As a result, the skin’s soft tissues improve skin texture and bring about a lifting effect.

In thermage, monopolar radiofrequency technology is used to transmit heat to the deeper skin layers that smoothen wrinkles and lines, tighten loose skin and enhance facial skin repair. Other effects that thermage produces include redefining and contouring the skin and rejuvenating the lost skin elasticity quickly, efficiently, and comfortably.

What Effects Can Radiofrequency Produce?

benefits of thermage face treatment

Radiofrequency can be used to cater to issues on the face as well as other parts of the body, including tummy or thighs. It is extensively utilized for:
Treating fine lines and wrinkles – mainly laugh lines from the nose to mouth.

  • Reducing skin laxity in the skin
  • Decreasing stretch marks
  • Rejuvenating dull and worn-out skin.

While other non-invasive cosmetic facelift procedures merely incite the facial muscles, what’s unique about RF is that continued improvement in results can be seen even after the treatment course is complete. This occurs due to the stimulation of the skin’s reparative process, as mentioned above. Besides, the RF is safe and does not pose a risk of permanent discoloration.

The Procedure

how does thermage help with skin rejuvenation

A standard full face Thermage treatment takes around 90 minutes to complete. Before the start of each treatment, your face will be cleaned thoroughly, followed by the application of a numbing cream. It takes around 30 to 45 minutes for the numbing cream to take effect and it is removed right before the start of the procedure. The doctor will apply a removal ink grid onto the skin which will help guide the position of the tip during the procedure.

Using the Thermage handpiece, the doctor administers one pulse at a time in a systematic manner across the grid. Each pulse delivers a brief cooling sensation followed by a heating sensation and micro vibrations. The heat energy penetrates the dermis to stimulate collagen remodeling. As the procedure progresses on, your doctor will check with you on the comfort level and adjust the power settings if necessary.

Risks Associated With Thermage Treatment

There is a risk of burns due to heating if the thermage is not done correctly. However, in the hands of an experienced practitioner, the risk of side effects is minimal as the RF device is set to transmit controlled heat by close monitoring to prevent overheating. Thus, time should be invested in selecting the right cosmetic center and practitioner.

Other known side effects are generally insignificant and fade away on their own. While a few patients might develop some swelling, redness, and tingling sensations after the procedure, these are mild and short-lived. Being a typically safe and non-invasive procedure when performed by a skilled medical practitioner, thermage allows you to return to work immediately. You can resume your regular tasks and activities right after your therapy with no downtime or prolonged recovery periods. However, you should make sure to inform your practitioner or doctor if your skin is extra sensitive that is susceptible to heat, redness, or swelling so that extra care can be taken.

Are You The Right Candidate For Undergoing Thermage?

Before taking the next steps, first, determine whether you are actually the ideal candidate for it.

Those Who Are Not Suitable For Thermage

thermage not suitable for pregnant mothers

People who are not the right candidates for RF energy thermage therapy include those who:

  • Are pregnant or breast-feeding
  • Have broken capillaries
  • Are suffering from rosacea or heat sensitivity
  • Have electrical devices, including pacemakers or metal implants, as these may be potentially hazardous and interfere with the RF waves

Having wrinkles, fine lines, as well as sagging skin may make you a potential candidate for thermage. However, only mild to moderate conditions can be effectively treated. Too saggy skin or very deep wrinkles might remove you from being the right candidate for it. Other alternative treatment options such as fillers or even surgery may be more suitable for you.

Other features that don’t make you the best candidate for thermage include:

  • Being a heavy smoker.
  • Having extremely sun-damaged skin.
  • People who have other skin conditions, e.g., acne.

What’s The Price Breakdown Of Thermage?

In general, thermage is comparatively less costly as compared to other more invasive procedures. On average, the cost of thermage starts from $2800 to 4500 in Singapore. This is much less than the price of a facelift which is approximately $15,000. Moreover, most other procedures need repeated sessions within a short period, while thermage typically requires a single sitting and results can last for 18 to 24 months.

cost of thermage in singapore

How Is Thermage Cheaper Than The Facelift Procedure?

There are several reasons why thermage is less costly than a facelift. In thermage, anesthesia is not required as the power settings can be adjusted to make the experience comfortable and tolerable.  There are no extended stays in the clinic, and you can resume work right after the procedure. The recovery period after thermage is minimal to zero. Hence, you don’t need long and complicated post-op care. Because the total price of a procedure is an essential factor for most people wanting to go for them, clinicians have worked out versatile payment plans, making thermage affordable and convenient to undertake. It serves as a cost-effective treatment option that can give you tight skin with a youthful look.

Factors Affecting Thermage Cost Singapore

In case you are curious about the reason behind thermage’s wide-ranging price, then what you should know is that several factors impact its cost. These include:

  • The expertise of the medical practitioner
  • The severity of your condition
  • The size and location of the treatment area

Also, why you are paying so much for this treatment also comes from the type of equipment used, the patency of the technology, as well as the qualification of the staff.

Type Of Equipment Used

The tips that are used in thermage are single-use material and are used for one session only. A new tip is unpacked for your treatment, and after your treatment is complete, the tip will be disposed of. This ensures maximum hygiene and cross-contamination control for every patient.

Patent Technology

Thermage is a single ownership patent technology, which means that the RF energy device and the tip are maintained by a single company specializing in making the equipment. The cooling spray also adds to the price to give you a comfortable experience. Thus, the quality of the equipment is maintained and not compromised, hence the high cost.

Qualified Staff

The board-certified medical practitioner, as well as the paramedical staff, needs specialized training to cater to the thermage treatment before, during, and after the procedure. Reputable clinics hire skilled and trained staff who are knowledgeable on how to handle the tech stuff and can impart thermage treatment in the best possible way to minimize any complications. While thermage needs only one treatment session, there are quite a lot of the efforts necessary to deliver the best results.

Considering To Give Thermage Treatment As Try Dream Plastic Surgery

While the difference in thermage cost Singapore in most reputable clinics would be insignificant, Dream Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery offers the best possible quality of services and treatment. Our board-certified plastic surgeons and medical doctors are experienced in dealing with all conditions. What’s more? Our trained and friendly staff is always there at your disposal for the best possible thermage experience. Book your consultation for a detailed analysis of your condition and clear any queries that you have.


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