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Korean Double Eyelid Surgery In Singapore

Lines that define. Brighter looking eyes with natural eyelids.

surgery duration

Procedure Time

20 – 60 Minutes



Local Anaesthesia or Sedation

recovery period

Recovery Period

5 – 7 Days

stitch removal

Stitch Removal

Not Required or
7 Days Post-op

What Is Double Eyelid Surgery?

Double Eyelid Surgery, also known as upper blepharoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is used for enhancing the eye by creating an upper eyelid crease or defining it for those with a faint crease. 


Double Eyelid Surgery is one of the most sought-after surgical procedures at Dream Singapore. Many believe that double eyelids look more attractive and add to an individual’s facial features. The procedure is simple and takes 20 minutes to help accentuate the shape of the eye, making them look more defined, bigger, and awake. 

Types of Double Eyelid Surgery

At Dream Plastic Surgery Singapore, double eyelid surgery can be done using two different techniques. Individuals can choose between the non-incisional double eyelid surgery or incisional double eyelid surgery. 

Non-incisional Double Eyelid Surgery

Our popular Dual Burial method is a non-incisional, suture technique for creating double eyelids. Devised in Korea after thorough testing, this non-incisional double eyelid surgery technique is unique to Dream and has been used successfully in thousands of cases so far. It reduces the risk of losing the crease altogether, which is commonly associated with traditional non-incisional techniques.

suture - non cutting - double eyelid surgery - dream plastic surgery singapore

Another unique advantage of our proprietary surgical procedure is that it uses only a single suture for creating double eyelids. This method does not pin down the skin with several knots across the eyelid because it is hard to standardize the tension created by each knot, and uneven tension may result in the appearance of an uneven crease.


Instead, a single suture weaves through the eyelid skin before ending with just a single knot. As a result, tension created across various points of the eyelid can be distributed evenly. There are almost no uneven indentations after the procedure and more natural double eyelid results can be realized.

Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery

incisional double eyelid surgery with fat removal - dream plastic surgery singapore

It is a classic technique for creating well-defined and permanent double eyelid crease. This technique is suitable for all kinds of eyelids. It requires an incision on top of the eyelid from where the surgeon can remove any excessive fat while also getting rid of any lose skin at the same time. When there is no extra skin or fat left after the procedure, the skin is stitched onto the muscles more firmly. As a result, more defined, long lasting, and permanent eyelid crease is created with this method.

Which Double Eyelid Surgery Technique Is Best For You

Depending on the patient’s concern and the results expected, surgeons can recommend non-incisional double eyelid surgery (suture method) or incisional double eyelid surgery.

thin skin on upper eyelid with minor sagging
Non-Incisional Method is recommended for:

  • Monolids – eyelids that do not have any existing crease
  • Eyelids that have several eye lid crease
  • Double eyelid on one eye
  • Fine eyelid crease that is barely visible
  • Thin eyelid skin with slightly sagging skin
  • Anyone who wants to have natural looking double eyelid crease
  • Anyone in need of eyelid revision surgery
eyelid revision surgery for skin with excessive fat
Incisional Method is suitable for:
  • Thick or heavy looking eyelids that need removal of excessive fat and tissue
  • Eyelids that have excessive skin
  • Anyone who wants permanent double eyelid crease
  • Anyone who wants a deeper and well-defined eyelid crease
  • Anyone in need of eyelid revision surgery

Incisional versus Non-Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery Techniques

Comparison of Our Double Eyelid Surgical Method

Here is a quick glance at the differences and benefits of Dream Singapore’s non-incisional and incisional double eyelid surgery methods.

Signature Dual Burial Method


Surgical Method: Double spiral knot

Procedure time: 20 minutes

Anesthesia: Local anesthesia or light sedation

Recovery period: 3 – 5 days

Stitch removal: Not required

Results: Semi-permanent, natural crease line

Incisional Method


Surgical Method: Micro incisions and knots

Procedure time: 30 – 60 minutes

Anesthesia: Light sedation

Recovery period: 5 – 7 days

Stitch Removal: 7 days after procedure

Results: Permanent, well defined crease line

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