Cheekbone Reduction Surgery

Soften angular face, Achieve a smaller and more feminine facial contour.
Procedure Time

2 – 3 Hours
General Anesthesia
Recovery Period
14 – 18 Days
Stitch Removal
7 Days

What Is Cheekbone Reduction Surgery?

Cheekbone reduction, also referred to as Zygoma Reduction is a surgical procedure used for reducing an individual’s facial width by removing part of their zygomatic bone and the arch. 


Cheekbones make an important part of an individual’s facial structure and they primarily determine their facial contours. If the cheekbones are excessively prominent, that may make the face look overly masculine or fierce. In Asians, the cheekbone is generally more protruded and appears to be fatter and wider from the frontal view. In fact, when the facial contour is observed from sideways, the facial outline may appears to be too harsh if the cheekbones are overly prominent. Excessive protruding of cheekbones can be corrected with cheekbone reduction in Dream Singapore to make one’s face look smaller.

Who Needs Cheekbone Reduction Surgery?

The cheekbone reduction surgery is for individuals who:

  • Have protruding cheekbones
  • Have flat and wide facial looks due to cheekbones
  • Want to soften their facial outline to look more feminine
  • Want to make their face look smaller
  • Have asymmetrical cheeks

Surgical Method Used For Cheekbone Reduction Singapore

Cheekbones are curved bones extending outwards starting at the center of one’s face and extending to the side. Depending on the angle and curve of the cheekbone, the surgeon recommends whether the patient needs adjustments to the front or the side of the cheekbone, or to both sides of it. 

1. Frontal cheekbone reduction (Anterior Zygoma)


When the cheekbones are severely protruding at the front, the surgeon will resect the zygomatic bone to form an L-shape or I-shape. Next, they push the cheekbones inwards to correct their shape. It is important to maintain moderate volume during zygoma reduction because overly reducing the cheekbones can adversely affect the flat face.

2. Side cheekbone reduction (Lateral Zygoma)


Side cheekbone reduction is aimed at reducing one’s facial width and make their face look smaller, especially when looked at from the front. The procedure requires small incisions to be made inside the patient’s mouth and the front of their ear to resize and reposition the arch as well as the body of cheekbone. It is then rotated and pushed inwards to achieve the corrective effect.

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