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breast enhancement with fat grafting in singapore

Breast Fat Injection

surgery duration

Procedure Time

2 – 3 Hours



General Anaesthesia

recovery period


7 – 10 Days

stitch removal

Stitch Removal

7 Days Post-op

What is fat grafting breast augmentation?

Fat grafting breast augmentation is a procedure in which body fat is taken from various body parts through liposuction and then injected into the breasts. It is used for natural and relatively small increase in breast size. Fat grafting breast augmentation results in more natural-looking and voluptuous breasts without the need of breast implants. 

How fat graft to breast works and who needs it?

For fat injection to breast, liposuction is performed for taking fat tissues from the areas of your body that you want to slim down. It is then purified before reinjection into the breast where it serves as a natural volumizing agent. Fat grafting breast augmentation does not require implants or any other foreign materials for increasing breast size. The procedure uses the patient’s own tissue and there is hardly any chance of reactions or rejection. 

Who is suitable for fat grafting to breast?

Fat graft to breast is recommended for women who:

  • Want to undergo breast augmentation without using implants.
  • Wish to increase breast size without getting any scars on their breast. 
  • Want both breast augmentation and lower body contouring benefits at the same time. 
  • Have been breastfeeding and now wish to reconstruct the sagging breasts. 
  • Intend to balance out their asymmetrical breast. 
  • Wish to have more natural-looking and natural-feeling breasts. 
  • Want a small increase in breast size naturally. 

Sites For Fat Injection To Breast

Fat grafting breast augmentation is primarily aimed at enhancing the size and shape of breasts naturally. However, fat redistribution is possible to address various other concerns as mentioned below. 

fat grafting to upper breast
fat grafting or injection for assymetrical breast corrective surgery
fat grafting or injection for full breast augmentation
fat grafting or injection for funnel chest corrective surgery
fat grafting or injection for outer breast volume
fat grafting or injection for cleavage and volume
fat grafting or injection for volume supplementation
fat grafting or injection for breast reconstruction

Surgery Method For Fat Injection to Breast

To carry out the procedure, the surgeon will:

  • Analyze the breast size, nipple positioning, and the overall body shape to assess the required fat volume. 
  • Perform liposuction to extract fat from areas having excessive fat tissue. Usually, the fat tissue is taken from buttocks, tummy, and/or thighs. 
  • Filter out healthy fat only to use for grafting to the breast. 
  • Inject pure and healthy fat into areas in need of fat volume to achieve desired results. 


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