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Facial Asymmetry Correction

surgery duration
Procedure Time
2 – 4 Hours
General Anaesthesia
recovery period
Recovery Period
14 – 18 Days
stitch removal
Stitch Removal
7 Days Post-op

What Is Facial Asymmetry And When Is Surgical Correction Needed?

It is possible to detect facial asymmetry by drawing a central line in the face and realizing it is not straight. The central line is often skewed, and comparing each side we can see that the jaw line looks different on the left and right side. Every individual’s face is slightly asymmetrical. However, asymmetry issue that are more obvious may result in aesthetics, psychological or even functional concerns.  


In some cases, individuals may experience mouth protrusion, medically known as prognathism, which overlaps with facial asymmetry. As such, facial asymmetry correction can be useful to realign the face.


People often look for face asymmetry surgery for one of these reasons:


Aesthetic Reasons: The balance of the facial line and jaw line are broken by facial asymmetry, causing an aesthetic defect in the face.


Psychological Reasons: It is common to see a reduction in self-esteem and other psychological consequences associated to facial asymmetry.


Functional Reasons: Facial asymmetry can cause a dysfunction in the temporomandibular joint, pain or discomfort when chewing or biting, as well as digestive issues.

Type of Facial Asymmetry Concerns

These are some of the concerns Facial Asymmetry Corrective Surgery can address.

Types of Facial Asymmetry

Who Needs Facial Asymmetry Corrective Surgery

Face Asymmetry Surgery is recommended for:
  1. A centre line that is not correctly aligned with the upper and lower lip.
  2. A centre line that is not correctly aligned with the upper and lower teeth.
  3. A misalignment between the upper teeth and the middle area of the nose.
  4. A noticeable difference between the chin line in the left and right side.
  5. A misalignment of the lips when closing or opening the mouth.

Facial Asymmetry Corrective Surgery Methods

There are different approaches for a face asymmetry surgery. Our surgeon will recommend one or a combination of techniques depending on each case, and whether it is only an aesthetic concern or it does involve a functional problem.


We can summarize facial asymmetry correction techniques in two main approaches:

1. In cases of facial asymmetry with a normal occlusion function of the mandible


In these cases, the upper and lower teeth meet nicely together and there are no issues with chewing or other functional movements. The problem is usually caused by an overgrowth or undergrowth of the jaw in a given direction or an uneven development of the cheekbone (zygomas). Facial contouring is enough to solve this particular concern. In some cases, facial asymmetry also involves a bent nose, in which case it is appropriate to consider a corrective rhinoplasty.

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2. In cases of severe facial asymmetry with an unbalanced jawbone


In these cases, the lower jaw and the upper jaw are not appropriately balanced. To correct the problem, the surgeon can preposition the upper and lower jaw (osteotomy or a bimaxillary osteotomy). Bimaxillary osteotomy is performed to move the jaw back to a more functional position, allowing for aesthetic and functional improvements at the same time.

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