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Nano Facial Fat Grafting

surgery duration

Procedure Time

1 – 1.5 Hours



Light Sedation

recovery period

Recovery Period

10 – 14 Days

stitch removal

Stitch Removal

7 Days Post-op

What Is Nano Facial Fat Grafting Or Fat Injection?

Nano facial fat grafting which is also commonly referred to as fat injection is a surgical procedure that extracts unnecessary fat from different areas of the body like abdomen, buttocks, and thighs to graft it into the face in appropriate areas. The procedure uses a thin cannula for fat extraction so that only pure fat could be extracted and transferred where needed.
The procedure can improve patient’s overall face dimension while amplifying anti-aging benefits to make their face look more youthful.

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nano fat injection - fat grafting - dream plastic surgery singapore

Why Nano Facial Fat Injection?

This facial fat grafting technique selectively transfers pure fat having uncontaminated and healthy living cells collected after double filtration.  The cannula used in this procedure is also much thinner compared to the conventional cannulas. It makes sure that when the surgeon reinjects the fat throughout the area that has been treated, fat cells are distributed evenly throughout to prevent any unevenness. As a result, the patient gets smoother skin with minimal uneven patches on the surface of the skin.

Advantages Of Nano Facial Fat Injection Technique

Injection Technique To Get Smooth, Even Results

With traditional fat grafting techniques, the treated area can appear bumpy because too much of grafting is done on a single layer. In the case of Nano Facial Fat Grafting, however, a small amount of fat is grafted evenly on each layer.

nano fat grafting versus normal fat injection

Who Needs Nano Fat Injection?

Fat injection is recommended for patients who:
  • Have uneven or sunken forehead
  • Want to have improved smile lines
  • Have sunken eyelids
  • Wish to get rid of wrinkles and lines to get a more youthful look
  • Want to soften their flat bony forehead
  • Want to soften their flat bony cheeks
  • Want to even out skin dimpling on their chin
  • Wish to have an improved low nose bridge
  • Want to have a younger look without going for filler and anti-wrinkle injections

Facial Areas Suitable For Fat Grafting

areas suitable for fat grafting dream plastic surgery singapore

Fat Grafting Surgery Method

fat grafting - recommended fat extraction areas
Step 1

The surgeon will start the procedure by extracting fat from the thighs, abdomen, buttocks or any other donor areas.

fat grafting - fat purification process
Step 2

Pure fat is then separated, purified and used for fat injection

fat grafting - injection and fat filling into face for contour enhancement
Step 3

A tiny cannula is then used for injecting the required fat amounts into subcutaneous skin, facial plane or muscles of the desired area, all along the invisible creases. Finally, the injected areas are stitched if necessary.

FAQs For Fat Grafting

Usually, the fat is extracted from the abdomen, thighs or buttocks. Some other areas can also be considered if they have enough fat tissue for grafting purposes. In case, if the patient wants the fat to be extracted from a certain area, they can discuss with their surgeon during consultation.

After successful fat injection, the patients get a more youthful look while their facial features are softened up as well. Slight volume reduction can be experienced inside first 2-5 months after the procedure. This is the time required for residual swelling to subside while the body gets rid of fat tissues which did not survive the fat grafting process. In 6 months time, almost all the grafted tissues settle down completely leaving behind only the permanent cells.
Get in touch for a consultation for fat grafting at Dream Singapore. Our medical staff is always there to guide you through the process.

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