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Jaw Reduction

Soften angular jaws. Achieve slimmer v-line.

surgery duration
Procedure Time
2 – 3 Hours
General Anaesthesia
recovery period
Recovery Period
14 – 18 Days
stitch removal
Stitch Removal
7 Days Post-op

What is Jaw Reduction Surgery?

A broad lower jaw or squarish jaw if often associated with masculinity and can make the face look big and wide which is not a popular beauty trait among Asians. The facial outline can be reduced with jaw reduction surgery. The procedure focuses on making the jaw and chin slimmer by reducing the bulk and prominent angles to attain a smaller and more beautiful v-line.
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Who Needs Jaw Reduction Surgery?

Jaw Reduction Surgery

Jaw reduction surgery is recommended for people with the following concerns:

  • Wide and angular jaw
  • A male-like appearance due to the shape of the lower jaw
  • Those with jaws which are parallel or wider than the top half of the face
  • A long or squarish chin
  • Asymmetrical jaw or chin

What Are The Types Of Jaw Reduction Surgeries Methods?

There are various types of jaw reduction surgeries. The surgeon will decide which technique is best for you.  
1. Mandibular Resection- The Lower Jaw Surgery Angle Cutting

The part of the lower jaw under the ear is called an angle. The extra bone at the angle area gives a square shape to face. In this surgery, the angle is removed and a smooth V- line is achieved. 

2. The Cortical Resection- The Lower Jaw Angle Shaving

Again, the area for removal of bone is still the angle of the jaw. The difference with the previous procedure is that in cortical resection, only the outer layer of bone is removed. This reduces the width of the jawbone to create a slimming effect on the v-line.

jaw reduction singapore
jaw reduction singapore
3. The T-Osteotomy

In cases where the chin is broad, sections of the jaw bone will be reduced and reshaped to achieve the desired V-line.


The two vertical parallel cuts are made in the midline and a little distance apart on the chin with one horizontal cut above them.

The middle bone portion between two parallel vertical bone is removed and two side segments are joined. The rest of the mandible from sides is reshaped to achieve the desired V-line feminine shape.

v line surgery
4. V- Osteotom

In the case of a very broad jaw, this technique will be recommended. Two inverted V cuts are made in the midline of the chin. The middle portion of the bone between the two “Vs” is removed and sides of the jaws are reshaped. 

v line surgery
5. Horizontal Osteotomy

This is performed for elongated chin and wider jaw. 

Two horizontal parallel cuts are made on the chin. The distance between cuts decides how much bone will be removed. The segment between upper and lower chin is removed and the lower segment is attached to the chin. The excess bones are removed to create a smooth jawline. 

v line surgery

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