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Eyebrow Lifting

surgery duration
Procedure Time
1.5 – 2 Hours
Light Sedation
recovery period
Recovery Period
10 – 14 Days
stitch removal
Stitch Removal
7 Days Post-op

What Is A Brow Lift Surgery?

Individuals with droopy brows may notice a visible change in their brow angle, such as a lower or less prominent arch that gives off a frowning impression or, in some cases, brow asymmetry. Furthermore, drooping of brows due to any cause can also cause sagging eyelids which makes one look tired even when they are well-rested.

A brow lift procedure is a surgical procedure to lift the brows. It improves the appearance of the forehead, alters the angle of the eyebrows, and addresses both functional and aesthetic issues of the eyelids by raising the soft tissue and skin of the forehead and brow.

Who Needs A Brow Lift Surgery?

A brow lift surgery is a viable option for:   

  • Lifting drooping eye brows, resulting in smaller looking eyes which may affect eye sight.
  • Brightening up tired-looking eyes or improve the perception of a frustrated look.
  • Correcting droopy eyelids due to ageing, sagging skin, or a connective tissue disorder without altering the double eyelids.
  • Addressing eye irritation caused by rubbing of eyelashes against the eye.
  • Exposing hidden double eyelid crease due to sagging skin.
  • Those who want to correct brow asymmetry.

Types of Brow Lift

Brow lift procedures may vary depending on several factors, such as the age, any pre-existing medical or eye conditions, degree of skin sagging, and the desired results. The surgeon will choose the specific technique and determine the location of the incisions. A brow lift surgery is further classified into two, depending on the location of the incisions. 

Brow lift


It is suitable for patients who wish to lift or alter the arch of the eyebrow and where there is little space between the eye and brows. In such cases, a further reduction of height would not favor the aesthetic outcome. Hence the lifting is done through an incision above the eyebrow.

In the process of lifting the eyebrows, excess skin is removed, and the brow arch is positioned upwards. 

brow lift surgery procedure - dream plastic surgery singapore
brow lift skin tightening - dream plastic surgery singapore
browlift incision site - dream plastic surgery singapore
Surgery procedure steps


  • The surgeon plans the location of the incision and section required for removal considering the eye shape, height of the eyebrows, and amount of excess skin and soft tissue on the eyelid.
  • The extra bulk of muscles, sagging skin, and excess fats are removed.
  • To create a lifting effect, the remaining tissue and skin are pinned upwards
  • The incision is closed neatly under the eyebrow.

Sub-Brow lift


In this procedure, a small incision is made below the brow. It is suitable for patients with ample space between eye and eyebrow. This procedure can bring satisfactory results for individuals with the drooping of the outer corner of the eye and also lift droopy eyelids, exposing hidden double eyelid crease and relieve eye irritation caused by eyelashes when they rub against the eye. 

sub-brow lift surgery - dream plastic surgery singapore
sub-brow lift excess skin removal - dream plastic surgery singapore
sub-brow lift incision site - dream plastic surgery singapore
Surgery procedure steps
  • The first step is the assessment of eye structure, the height of the eyebrows, and the amount of excess skin, muscle, and fatty tissue on the eyelid.
  • The surgeon marks the section that needs to be removed. An incision is made below the eyebrow, and excess skin and muscles are removed. 
  • The incision is later closed neatly under the eyebrow.

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