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breast enhancement with implants in singapore

Breast Augmentation

For fuller, more natural looking breasts.

surgery duration
Procedure Time
2 Hours
General Anaesthesia
recovery period
Recovery Period
10 – 14 Days
stitch removal
Stitch Removal
7 Days Post-op

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure done by a breast surgeon in Singapore in which breast implants are used for creating fuller breasts or restoring breasts that might have lost volume. The primary aim of the surgery for bust enhancement in Singapore is to change the shape or size of the breasts to make them look and feel better.

Who needs Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is for anyone who:

  • Has small breast size.
  • Wants to enlarge their current breast size.
  • Have asymmetrical breasts. 
  • Have sagging breasts due to breastfeeding. 
  • Have experienced drastic weight loss and have small breasts now.

Types of Breast Implants Used For Breast Augmentation Surgery?

We use 100% authentic micro-textured cohesive gel breast implants that have been US FDA-approved for safe breast surgery. 


Cohesive gel breast implants are preferred for breast augmentation cost and surgery as they are very similar to real breasts in shape and touch, helping to create breasts that look and feel natural.


There are generally 3 common types of breast implant options.  

Motiva Ergonomic Dual Shape Implant
Motiva Ergonomix implants are made using ultra-soft gel for a more natural look and feel. The combination of a unique outer shell and the ProgressiveGel Ultima’s viscoelastic properties allows the implant to change in shape and adapt to the natural gravitational force as the body changes in position. When standing upright, a more natural teardrop shape is achieved as the gel goes into the lower section of the implant and the breast. When lying down, it evenly distributes within the implant and retains a natural round shape.

Despite using an ultra-soft gel filling, the implant is extremely stable and can be inserted easily into the breast through smaller incisions. This not only minimizes the incision size, but also discomfort and recovery time.

The Motiva Ergonomix implant offers some added safety features, including:

1. Biocompatibility

The implant is designed with an advanced smooth surface called SmoothSilk® or SilkSurface® that is associated with lower inflammation. Besides, it also results in the formation of a thinner membranous capsule as compared to uncomfortable, thick, fibrous ones. Therefore, breast feels softer to the touch. Furthermore, the implant’s nanotextured shell enhances tissue interaction while also reducing capsular contracture rates at the same time.

2. TrueMonobloc

The TrueMonobloc Configuration makes for a uniform shell tensile strength and ensures that it surpasses all the regulatory standards for performance when tested. This flexible, multilayer system that connects different implant components – gel, shell, and patch – to create a unified structure, enabling easier implant insertion and improving the safety profile of a breast implant surgery.

3. Q Inside Safety Technology

Each implant comes equipped with a micro-transponder that contains implant information. That allowing patients and surgeons to gain access to implant-specific data with the help of a hand-held scanner any time after the procedure.


Commonly referred to as anatomical implants, teardrop-shaped implants offer a more natural-looking shape to the breasts. They give a gentle slope from the nipple towards the breastbone. Anyone looking for a more natural and subtle result should opt for teardrop-shaped implants.

  • Gives you a better lifting and breast-reshaping effect compared to round implants
  • Appropriate for petite women with little breast tissue

Most women envision a classic breast shape when considering a boob job, and round breast implants offer just that. These implants help achieve fuller breasts, with more volume added to the top of the boobs to get a curvaceous figure. The proportions are even as the round implants are shaped exactly the same all over, and it is the least likely for them to rotate out of place.  When a fuller, curvier look is preferred, the round-shaped breast implants would make the best pick.

  • Makes the cleavage look fuller
  • Best-suited to women who have some breast tissue on conceal the implant

It is important to decide the size of the breasts only after diagnosing the thoracic shape, the body frame, as well as the symmetry between the breasts and navel.

Planning to have breast augmentation surgery? At Dream, our medical team will guide you through the process of getting your personalized treatment plan.

Incision Site for Breast Augmentation

Incisions are hidden along natural crease lines or outlines or the areola to reduce visibility of scarring. We will discuss which incision options are appropriate for your desired outcome.

armpit incision for breast augmentation or enhancement
Armpit (Transaxillary) Incision
  • Incision is made along armpit crease.
  • No visible scar on the breast area.
  • Enables breast-feeding after the surgery as it does not damage the mammary glandular tissue.
breast crease incision for breast augmentation or enhancement
Breast Fold (Inframammary) Incision
  • Incision made along the natural fold below breast.
  • Most common incision method.
  • Appropriate for inserting large implants.
  • Recommended for revision cases who need major correction.
areola incision for breast augmentation or enhancement
Areola (Periareola) Incision
  • Incision made along line or the areola.
  • Method can only be used if the diameter of the areola is 3.5cm or more.
  • Scar is not obvious.
  • Minimal pain compared to other methods.
  • Easy to move arms after surgery.
  • Nipple sensation after surgery may be affected.

Breast Implants Placement

implant placement below muscle
Below Muscle – Sub-muscular Insertion

The implant is inserted under the pectoral muscle.


  • This placement does not disturb breastfeeding.
  • Recommended for small breast where there is insufficient breast tissue to conceal the implant.
  • Does not affect mammogram as the implant is placed apart from the mammary glands.
  • Reduce nerve damage.
  • Low rate of capsular contracture.
implant placement above muscle
Above Muscle – Sub-glandular  Insertion

The implant is inserted between the pectoral muscle and mammary gland tissue


  • Effective in lifting droopy breast
  • Recommended for those with sufficient breast tissue to conceal implant rims

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Breast Augmentation

This is purely a personal decision. No one can tell you that this specific time is “right” or “wrong” for you to have a breast augmentation. Breast augmentation does not affect the ability to breastfeed your baby. However, doctors do warn about a minimal risk that this procedure may decrease the sensations and interfere with the feeding reflexes essential for breastfeeding. 

With age, both augmented and non-augmented breasts will experience some form of sagging and often lose volume due to breastfeeding and hormonal changes secondary to childbirth. 

Studies and post-surgical trials after breast augmentation surgery have not identified any challenge related to breastfeeding. The clinical trials have shown that there is no danger of silicone breast implant materials being passed into the breast milk and affecting your child’s health. 

Patients with breast implants placed sub-glandularly (above the pectoralis muscle) are more prone to have interference with their mammograms. However, most surgeons greatly reduce this obstruction by placing the implant behind the pectoralis muscle (sub-muscular). You should ask your surgeon for sub-muscular implant to avoid future interference with a mammography. 

The breast augmentation procedure is quite safe and you can return to everyday activities within four or five days after surgery. Any swelling, pain, and discomfort can be reduced by taking medications prescribed by your doctor and following appropriate recovery and aftercare. There is no limitation on taking showers after the procedure and you will have to return to the doctor’s office for stitch removal within a week.

Most patients with breast implants return to office work after a week. Those with tough jobs that require heavy weight lifting, pushing, or stretching are advised to take a rest of at least 3 weeks and let the breast tissue heal. Sub-muscular implants take longer to be symptom-free and you may experience mild pain and a little discomfort for an additional week or two.

Most doctors advise returning to light physical activity and exercise after a week. Strenuous activities – such as push ups, bench presses, and weight lifting – that cause stretching of the chest muscles must be avoided for at least a month.

In most of the cases, doctors apply dressing over the small incision area along with a surgical bra to lift the breast and avoid stretching. You may be advised to wear a special bra to put pressure on the upper edge of the breast and to hold it in a lower position. The process of adjustment of a new implant may take several weeks to months. During this time period, you may have to wear unwired bras or sports bras as advised by your doctor. 

The bra of your choice will be applicable after the newly implanted implant is in a good position, usually from the fourth week onwards.

It depends on several factors, including;

  • Your general health
  • Your individual frame
  • Your appearance goals
  • Previous medical or surgical conditions 

The same size implant may look different from patient to patient – according to their built and shape. Your doctor will carefully choose the size and type of implant to fit your appearance goals.  

Breast augmentation from a qualified and experienced breast surgeon will leave you with a short and well-hidden scar underneath your breast creases. They may take 6 months to a year to gradually fade and blend into the surrounding skin.

Only complex procedures such as breast lift –  that require a big incision (from the base of the breast to the nipple) will have a noticeable scar mark. However, these too can be easily covered up by a bra or a bathing suit top. 

The two most common methods used for breast augmentation include;

  • Placing the implant under the pectoralis muscle (sub-muscular)
  • Placing the implant between chest muscle and breast tissue (sub-glandular)

Sub-muscular implantation is the most common method used by breast surgeons to reduce post-surgical complications and provide a more natural shape to the breast. It also helps to smooth out the skin sagging and improve the breast contour. Screening for breast cancer and mammograms are easier in the sub-muscular implantation than sub-glandular. 

Sub-glandular implantation involves placement of implant close to the skin – above the pectoralis muscle. This option is especially effective for women who want a more “full” and “round” appearance. It also helps correct ptotic breast or “sagging” more quickly than sub-muscular implant. However, it may hinder with breast cancer screening and mammography. Furthermore, it is also linked to  a post-surgical condition called “capsular contracture” – in which hardening of the implant occurs due to scarring of the surrounding breast tissue. People with capsular contracture may need additional surgery to remove the scarring and place a new implant. 

Sub-glandular implants are more noticeable than sub-muscular ones as they are placed close to the skin. In case of insufficient breast tissue, a patient may feel the edges of the sub-glandular implant.

There are no specific studies or clinical trials indicating that breast implants need to be replaced after 10 years or so. As long as the implant does not pose any health issues, they do not need to be replaced.

The exact cost of the surgery varies from patient to patient. You will receive a detailed summary of all the expenses related to your procedure during the first consultation with our surgeon.

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