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Epicanthoplasty – Inner Eyelid Surgery

For Wider & Bigger Looking Eyes.
Enhance The Shape Of Your Eyes!

surgery duration

Procedure Time

30 – 50 Minutes



Light Sedation

recovery period

Recovery Period

7 – 10 Days

stitch removal

Stitch Removal

7 Days Post-op

What Is Epicanthoplasty?

Epicanthoplasty (Inner Eyelid Surgery) is a procedure that helps to widen the width of the eyes and make them look more open and bigger by extending the inner and outer corners of the eye. This procedure also helps enhance the proportion of the width of the eyes in relation to your face. 


The Epicanthic fold (also known as Mongolian fold) is the upper eyelids’ skin, which covers the inner corner of the eyes. The downfalls to the skin fold covering the inner corner of the eyes include:


  • It causes the eyes to look wide than they actually are
  • The shape of the eyes looks undefined
  • Eyes can appear smaller

The Epicanthoplasty corrects the Epicanthic fold of the eyes. The procedure involves tiny incisions on the inner corner of the eyes. It helps to get rid of excess skin, and the results are more prominent, brighter eyes, and natural-looking eyes.

Types of Epicanthoplasty

There are two types of epicanthoplasty procedures, and each type elongates a specific side of the eye. Depending on the shape of your eye, as well as your existing proportions, you may be recommended one or both types of epicanthoplasty.

Medial Canthoplasty

Medial Canthoplasty corrects the epicanthus fold, the excess skin at the inner corners of the eye, which can sometimes make a person look less friendly. This procedure elongates the eyes towards the center of the face, bring wide set eyes closer.  

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This procedure will benefit anyone with the following types of epicanthus fold. This procedure is suitable for:
  • Those who wish to enlarge small and narrow eyes
  • Bringing wide-set eyes closer to the center of the face
  • Those who want to enhance the shape of the eye
  • Those who need to remove excess skin on the inner corners of the eye to transform tapered to parallel double eyelids 
lateral canthoplasty

Lateral Canthoplasty

People who have excess skin on the lateral corner of the eye or have less visible white area will benefit from this procedure. This procedure removes the lateral epicanthic fold and elongates the outer corners of the eye, making the eyes more expressive. Lateral Canthoplasty procedure is suitable for:
  • Those who wish to enlarge small and narrow eyes
  • Those who prefer an elongated eye shape

Epicanthoplasty Procedure Steps

Medial canthoplasty Procedure Steps

Before the surgery, the length and the severity of the epicanthal fold is measured during the pre-surgical evaluation process called “customized design.” The surgeon then calculates how wide your inner eyelids will be excised and marks the area with the pen. Local anesthesia is given around the eyes to eliminate painful sensations.


By creating small flaps through the incisions, the surgeon uses the pen marks to restructure the inner eyelid’s shape. Excess skin, fat, and muscle are removed during the process. After the epicanthal fold is successfully reoved, sutures are used to close the incision.

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Lateral Canthoplasty Steps

Lateral Canthoplasty procedure is performed with the same methods as medial canthoplasty, except that incisions are made on the conjunctival line (outer corner of the eyes). The lateral epicanthus fold is removed that results in bigger, longer, and vivid eyes.

lateral canthoplasty

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