Reduction Rhinoplasty

Transform your wide, blunt, big nose to as slim and pointy nose!

Procedure Time
2 – 3 Hours
General Anaesthesia
Recovery Period
12 – 14 Days
Stitch Removal
7 Days Post-op  

What Is Reduction Rhinoplasty And Who Needs It?

There are several causes that may lead to a bulbous-looking nose, including cartilage excess at the nasal tip, non-ideal distribution of cartilage in the nose, and too much muscle between at the sides of the nose.

Regardless of the underlying issue, reduction rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to correct these structural abnormalities by adjusting the nose tip and reducing the thickness of skin tissue.

One of the most common questions that people ask about this procedure is whether they would be eligible as candidates or not.

Here are a shortlist of nasal characteristics that qualify the need for reduction rhinoplasty. Reduction rhinoplasty is recommended for individuals with:

  • Round and oversized nose tip
  • Excess fat in the sides of the nose
  • Large nostrils
  • Disproportionate noses relative to their faces
  • Arrow-shaped noses

The optimal ratio of the nose should be around 1/5 of the face’s width when viewed from the front.

On the other hand, nostrils should make up 2/3 of the nose’s diameter when viewed from the bottom.

The Different Types Of Nose Reduction Surgery

Before choosing the type of procedure needed for you, the plastic surgeon will assess the anatomy of the nose to make sure that the correct technique is being used.

Here are the common nasal structures and their respective surgical techniques:

Wide nasal structure

In patients with wide nasal structures, the surgeon will trim the cartilage to reduce its size. Once this step is over, the plastic surgeon will suture the sides of the nose and add the removed cartilage as inter-alar support to maintain the projection of the nose tip.

Oftentimes, sutures are warranted to reduce the distance between the alar cartilage, which decreases the nasal curve.

Excess skin tissue/fat nose

In this case, the connective tissue inside the nose tip will get removed to reduce the diameter of the skin surrounding the nose. It will also raise the nose tip.

For some patients, the nose tip will still lack projection, which may require the reimplantation of cartilage as structural support.

Wide alar base

This technique is beneficial for patients with a wide alar base. The concept is simple; the surgeon will reduce the size of the alar, which can be done, using one of these two methods:

Reduction rhinoplasty is a surgical technique that helps patients be more confident about their looks.

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