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What You Should and should not Do after Thread Lift
what you should and should not do after threadlift

What You Should and should not Do after Thread Lift

Did you get a face thread lift or think of getting one, and you are wondering what to do and not to do after a thread lift? This article explains all you need to know about thread lift in Singapore and what to do and not to do for an effective result.

At the end of this article, you will have the information you need to effectively manage your post-procedure period and achieve the most effective natural facelift.

An Introduction

The more years we spend in life, the closer the inevitable aging process comes to us. Once old age sets in, you will start experiencing the presence of wrinkles, fine lines, sagging of skin, and other ageing signs on your face and body.

When you notice these, you can consider getting a face lift if you wish to make your face look younger, firmer, and smoother. Before now, the only option to achieve this was through facelift surgery. However, in recent times, several non-invasive procedures for a face lift have been introduced.

A typical example of these non-surgical facelift treatments is face thread lift. If you do not have the time to invest in recovery after surgery or do not want to go through the cost and risk of surgery, you may want to go for a face thread lift.

If you wish to go for a thread lift in Singapore and wonder what you should or should not do after your face thread lift, you might want to get a pen and jot things down.

Before we proceed, we will highlight thread lift and what it is all about.

threadlifting on different types of skin diagramWhat is Face Thread Lift?

According to the society, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, ‘a thread lift is a type of procedure wherein temporary sutures are used to produce a subtle but visible ‘lift’ in the skin.’

The procedure is a minimally invasive, non-painful, and non-surgical way to achieve a face lift and get your face looking younger, smoother, and firmer. The sutures used are called threads, and they are inserted beneath the skin’s surface to reposition sagging skin or eliminate lines and wrinkles.

Thread lift in Singapore is done with the aim of using the threads to delay the signs of ageing and achieve tight skin and overall improved skin quality and tone. Research suggests that the treatment has been around for more than twenty years. Recent upgrades in the threads and the procedure’s effectiveness increased the treatment’s popularity amongst Singaporeans.

areas suitable for threadliftAreas Suitable for a Thread Face Lift

The recommended areas where face thread lift can help with rejuvenation include:

  • Eyebrows
  • Forehead
  • The area under the eyes
  • Middle of the forehead
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Neck
  • Drooping cheeks
  • Double chin

Candidates for Face Thread Lift

While the treatment is popular and gives a natural lifting result, it does benefit a selected group of candidates more than others. Firstly, the procedure aims to maintain and delay ageing signs; thus, the ideal candidates are typically healthy persons in their late 30s to early 40s.

Candidates for face thread lift include;

  • Persons that want tighter, firmer, and younger-looking skin.
  • Persons not willing to go under the knife but want a face lift.
  • People that want to get a slimmer V-line without surgery.
  • Individuals with minor to moderate skin laxity issues.
  • Individuals that want to eliminate wrinkles and lines around the eyes, forehead, and nasolabial folds.
  • People who wish to have face lift on their cheeks, double chin, and lower face.

It is recommended that you consult with your plastic surgeon before going for any procedure.

Who Should not get a Thread Face Lift?

You might not be a candidate for a thread facelift if;

  • You are breastfeeding or pregnant.
  • You have active skin inflammation and irritation.
  • You suffer from an autoimmune disease.
  • You are on any form of blood thinners or have an existing blood clotting disorder.

It is recommended that you consult with your plastic surgeon before going for any procedure.

how does threadlift work diagramHow does Thread Lift Work?

The face thread lift treatment process is simple. It is a simple lunchtime procedure with minimal recovery time.

The process is as follows;

  • The provider will apply a topical numbing cream on the treatment site and wait for a few minutes.
  • After the cream takes effect, the treatment will start.
  • Threads will be inserted into the dermis of the skin using fine needles. This is to plump and regenerate cells around the target site.
  • Depending on the treatment area, the procedure might take about 30 minutes to an hour.

You have the option of having the treatment under sedation or not. Typically, there is little to no sight effect following the treatment. However, in some cases, you might experience numbness, mild pain, bruising and slight swelling, which will disappear within a few days.

What to Do After your Face Thread Lift for an Effective Result

Thread Lift requires zero to minimal recovery time, and you will experience little to no side effects. Notwithstanding, there are things you should do to enhance the chances of getting the result you want.

Some of the things to do after your Thread Face Lift include;


It is recommended that you ice the treated area for a few minutes, about four to six times during the day, for the few days following the procedure if you experience bruising or swelling. The icing will help reduce the side effects you may feel.

Take Your Medications

Your provider may prescribe painkillers and other medications for your recovery. It is recommended that you take the medications according to your doctor’s prescription.

Maintain Your Keep in an Elevated Position

To ensure your result comes out effective, your provider might recommend that you keep your head in an elevated position for at least a week.

Adhere to Your Provider’s Follow-Up Care

It is recommended that you adhere strictly to your provider’s instructions and visit the clinic if you experience any abnormalities.

Keep Your Compression Facial Band On

It is highly recommended that you keep your compression facial band on for as long as possible during the initial recovery period. This band’s pressure helps control swelling and maintains the new shape and contours after your thread lift procedure. Your provider will provide extra instruction if need be.

What Not to Do After your Face Thread Lift for an Effective Result

To enable you to get the result you desire, there are several things you must avoid after your thread lift procedure. Some of these things to avoid after thread lift in Singapore include;

Avoid Sleeping on Your Stomach or Side

This is one of the big No-Nos you should avoid. Sleeping on your stomach or side applies excessive pressure to the treated area and might result in swelling, bruising, discomfort, and less effective result. It is recommended that you sleep more on your back and do what you can to avoid rolling over during sleep.

Getting Facials and Facial Massages

It is recommended that you avoid facial massage and facials within the first month following your treatment. This is to avoid the application of excessive pressure on the treatment area, which can lead to bruising, swelling, and the threads being forced out of place. Additionally, facials might have chemicals that can irritate your skin during your recovery period.

Do Not Wear Makeup

You should avoid wearing makeup within the first 10 to 15 hours after your treatment. This is because your skin is still sensitive and is supposed to be allowed to breathe a little following the procedure. Furthermore, not applying makeup will save you the pressure your face might experience while removing the makeup.

Avoid Heated Places

Avoid heated places as much as you can during your recovery period. This is because prolonged exposure to heat elevates your blood pressure significantly. You might want to take a lukewarm bath rather than a hot shower and also avoid tanning beds, steam rooms, dry saunas, steaming hot soup, and everything that will increase your temperature.

Drinking Alcohol and Smoking

Drinking and smoking increase your blood pressure, and this is not something you want to experience. For an effective result, it is recommended that you avoid drinking alcohol and smoking for at least 14 days to maintain a suitable temperature and pressure.

Avoid Vigorous Exercises

It is recommended that you avoid vigorous exercises that might elevate your blood pressure. Furthermore, if the exercise is too physical, you might want to avoid it entirely within the first 10-14 days after your treatment.

Other things to avoid during the first few days after your Singapore Thread lift include;

  • Avoid aspirins for at least two weeks following the treatment.
  • Restrict facial movements for as much as you can.
  • Do not drink a beverage with a straw to avoid having the suction effect affecting your treatment area.
  • Avoid chewing gum.
  • Do not touch or wash your face for at least 10-14 hours.
  • Avoid getting any form of dental treatment within 14 days of your thread lift in Singapore.

Kindly ask your plastic surgeon every question you may have regarding pre-treatment and post-treatment care of thread lift in Singapore. Your provider will advise you best on what to do.

Aftercare is key to the best thread lift results

In conclusion, the results of your thread lift in Singapore depends on both you and your provider. After your face thread lift treatment provider is done with the treatment, the treatment’s effectiveness will depend on how strict you do what you should do and avoid what you should not do.

In all, we hope this article on Face thread lift in Singapore and the Do’s and Don’ts after treatment helps you get the result you desire.

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