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The Price Of Nose Surgery In Singapore
the price of rhinoplasty in singpaore

The Price Of Nose Surgery In Singapore

Plastic surgery is increasing in demand at the fastest pace in history. More and more people are now inquisitive as to how they can benefit from a nose job. Besides a bigger acceptance level, more affordable nose surgery prices in Singapore and media influences have led to an upsurge number of surgeries annually.

People are now aware of the merits of rhinoplasty, done by an experienced surgeon. The time of surgical-appearing nose has come to an end, and the final outcomes fit so symphonically that no one can tell you have had surgery.

However, there is a lot of disinformation, and half-truth spread among the masses that hinder people from going for the procedure. Nevertheless, this article will clear all that misinformation so that you can confidently decide without feeling cynical.

We’ll talk about how nose surgery may makeover your face’s proportion, profile and appearance, the positive influence it can make on you, and things you should know when looking forward to undergoing the procedure.

How Can A Nose Job Bring Out A Better You?

nose to facial proportion

A nose job can fix the issues you do not admire about your nose. This includes nostril imperfections, bumps, humps, symmetry concerns, as well as your nose size. Nonetheless, in addition to your appearance, rhinoplasty boosts your confidence and brings out a better you.

One’s nose is a focal point of the face, and this centerpiece should harmonize with the rest of your facial features. When you go for improving your nose size and shape, you can attain dramatic benefits.

In addition, a skilled nose job may also help you correct injury deformities that negatively impact the original functions of the nose. This is why rhinoplasty can take not just confidence but also comfort in breathing to the next level. Hence, the physical and psychological merits of nose surgery make rhinoplasty worth investing in.

Preparation For The Procedure

rhinoplasty consultation

In order to guarantee the best outcomes, it is essential to appreciate what your aims are and communicate well with your doctor. A proficient plastic surgeon can help you understand the type of nose that will nest suit your face. This is why you should consult a board-certified plastic surgeon.

An experienced surgeon knows exactly how to reshape your nose and maintain correct symmetry, giving you an attractive look. They keep your sex, ethnicity, height, facial proportions, and skin thickness into consideration. Hence, it results in a nose that is beautiful and more suitable to your face and personality.

Before your surgery, your doctor would ask you to stop smoking and take anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin, and herbal supplements for about ten days. Notify your practitioner if you are taking any medicines earlier on so that they may suggest if these need to be stopped.

Post-surgical Interventions

cast on nose after rhinoplasty

For a nose job to be effectively successful, intervention goes beyond the surgery. It is crucial to carefully follow your surgeon’s instructions for postop care. Specialized surgeons pay thorough attention to postoperative care for a quicker recovery. For best results, you need to be vigilant and patient after the surgery.

You may experience some swelling and bruising, while you might also have a bandage, along with a splint to wear. Slightly dramatic as it can be, all of the conditions will subside with time. Your surgeon may remove the splint after about seven days.

removal of stitches after rhinoplasty

However, a week might still be needed for you to rest before getting back to the office and day to day chores. The postop instruction that you may receive may include:

  • Avoiding blowing nose
  • Brushing teeth carefully
  • Avoiding exercise
  • Taking baths instead of showers
  • Not wearing clothes that are pulled over the head
  • Not wearing glasses for a certain time
  • Avoiding contact sports

While complete recovery may take 6 to 12 weeks, most people can get back to work after 7 to 10 days. Some lasting swelling might remain for about a year, post surgically. However, it will not be very noticeable, and your outcomes will show the final look.

Subsequently, the recovery experience may slightly differ from one person to another and according to the type of rhinoplasty used for you. Consult your practitioner for specific instructions for your case.

Type Of Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty For Aesthetic Enhancement

Rhinoplasty procedures used to fix the aesthetics of your nose include reduction rhinoplasty and rhinoplasty for the undersized nose.

Reduction rhinoplasty is used to reduce your bulbous-looking nose into a small and more attractive nose size and shape. This takes about 2-3 hours to complete and is done under general anesthesia. Stitch removal is done seven days after the procedure, and complete recovery takes about 12 to 14 days.

nose reduction surgery

The following nose size or shape can be fixed by reducing rhinoplasty.

  • Wide nasal structure
  • Wide alar base
  • Excessive skin tissue (fat nose)
  • Bumpy or protruding nasal bridge
  • Long nose correction – people with nose length one-third of their face or with a drooping nose tip can benefit from this type. The kinds of the procedure involved include Wing Cartilage Plasty or Septoplasty

Rhinoplasty for the undersized nose – the procedures used for a small nose include the following.

nose bridge and tip enhancements

  • Rhinoplasty for the flat nose – In this procedure, an incision is made inside the nostrils, silicone implants are used to enhance the nose bridge. Ear cartilage or nasal septal cartilage is used to enhance nose tip.
  • Short nose correction – proportionally short nose with overly exposed nostrils are corrected by this type.

Rhinoplasty For Improving Breathing And Basic Functions Of The Nose

deviated septum correction

Deviated nose tip or nasal bridge due to trauma or congenital issue can lead to poor aesthetics, septal deviation, rhinitis, chronic headaches, and difficulty breathing. This can be corrected through deviated septum correction procedure. This takes about 2-3 hours to complete and is done under general anesthesia. Stitch removal is done seven days after the procedure, and complete recovery takes about 12 to 14 days.

For mild deviation without breathing difficulty, placement of an implant is done to conceal the deviation.

For severe nose deviation, septoplasty or nasal bone adjustment may be made.

Revisional Rhinoplasty For Those Who Are Unhappy With Past Procedure Results

If you are not satisfied with the results of your nose job or are experiencing unwanted side effects, you can even consider reversing or further enhancing the look of it.

Your surgery can be undone through revision rhinoplasty. However, this procedure can be done after six months of the surgery. This is because complete tissue stability is achieved after six months, and the tissue is softened. You might feel unsatisfied before that, but the chances are that once the tissues become stable, you will find the results acceptable. However, attention may be needed immediately in case of severe inflammation.

You are the right candidate for revision rhinoplasty if you:

  • Haven’t got satisfying results from your surgery
  • Have moving or protruding implants
  • Have upturned or shortened nose due to contracture
  • Experience severe inflammation post surgically
  • Too high or low nose bridge
  • Deviated nose
  • Asymmetric nostrils
  • Nose tip deformed by implant

Nevertheless, make sure to have an experienced board-certified surgeon do the nose job revision for you, as it is a much more complex procedure in comparison to the original surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

types of silicone nose implant

1. What Is The Nose Surgery Price In Singapore?

The cost of nose surgery in Singapore ranges between $6500 and $20500. However, certain factors influence the total price. These include:

  • Specialty and experience of your doctor
  • The location and status of your cosmetic center
  • Your procedure complexity
  • Cost of medications and follow-ups

Consult your doctor as they will be able to quote a more accurate price according to your procedure and postop care details.

2. Does Insurance Cover Rhinoplasty Procedures?

While a surgical nose job or rhinoplasty is an expensive surgical procedure, it is categorized as a cosmetic procedure. This is the reason why most insurance companies do not finance it. However, functional rhinoplasty may be covered by health insurance such as those who seek treatment due to breathing difficulties.

3. Is The Rhinoplasty Procedure Painful?

Rhinoplasty procedures at Dream Plastic Surgery are done under general anesthesia so that the patient will feel no pain. However, the patients report only slight discomfort after the procedure when the anesthetic effect wards off. These can include a runny nose for a few days, discomfort during stitch removal, improper breathing due to stitches, and nose packs.

4. Where To Find Experienced Plastic Surgeons In Singapore?

Find a practitioner for your nose job who is board-certified, skilled, and experienced in his field and can tailor your surgery according to your individual needs. A nose job done by the hands of an experienced surgeon leads to the best possible outcomes with minimal side effects and a small risk of failure. At Dream Plastic Surgery, you will find the right surgeons who specialize in their work. Our surgeons customize the nose job procedure for each case individually.


Whether you are shy of your undersized nose or get frequent statements from people about its bulbosity, nose job can be the answer for your concerns. Nose surgery in Singapore can help you have the stunning facial features, boosting your confidence and bringing out the best of you.

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