Face Thread Lift – Restore Ageing Sagging Skin with Thread Lift Treatment    
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Face Thread Lift – Restore Ageing Sagging Skin with Thread Lift Treatment    

Imagine how embarrassing it can be when people think you are much older than your actual age. You might also have had this experience already. Over time, the skin loses its tightness. Your skin feels shabby and saggy as it adds years to your original age.

This is because the natural collagen in your skin is responsible for keeping it intact, and when collagen is depleted, skin tightness is lost. As a result, your skin loses its structural stability, youthfulness, and fresh appearance, and the signs of ageing become more prominent. In addition, with tissue breakdown, the fine lines are more visible and add to the embarrassment.

The skin of any area on the body can get saggy, but usually, it impacts the face and neck. Moreover, elbows, knees, buttocks, etc., add to the concerns. However, with technological advancements, scientists have come up with various ways to treat them, and face thread lift is considered one of the best non-surgical solutions.

What Is Face Thread Lift?

what is thread lift

Face thread lift is a minimally invasive technique that eliminates the risk of undergoing invasive surgery to treat saggy or loose skin. It gives a more natural, smoother, and fuller look to the face without exposing them to any harmful radiations or incisions.

The procedure uses threads of PDO or PLA material that are dissolvable and similar to sutures, thus proving that they are safe for use within the body. As the thread is attached to the subcutaneous tissues under the skin, it is pulled up, eventually lifting the skin and making it tighter.

With face thread lift, the tissues are repositioned so that the facial features get more prominent and noticeable. It adds definition and volume to the facial structures while keeping the results as natural as possible. With time, the thread dissolves and is excreted out of the body, minimizing infection or allergic reactions.

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What Does Face Thread Lift Treat?

Like every other procedure, certain conditions can be ideally treated with a face thread lift. However, it is more likely to have desirable results in men and women aged between 30 and 55 years, with the following problems.

  • Double chin
  • Minor to moderate saggy skin
  • Fine lines around eyes, nose forehead
  • Signs of ageing
  • Droopy cheeks and jawline

Types Of Face Thread Lift

Face thread lift is of two main types. These are classified below;

1. Mega V – Lift

mega v-lift threads dream plastic surgery

This type of thread lift is suitable for those with mild to moderate skin laxity and gives a V-shape to the face.

While the FDA has approved the process, it uses PDO threads placed under the skin, which then dissolve in the body and increases natural collagen and elastin production. Both of these are the two major components needed for tightening the skin and reducing ageing signs.

In addition, these threads have an instant lifting effect, which makes the skin firmer, reduces the visibility of fine lines, and gives a V contour. The results last for two years or until the threads completely dissolve, which differs among individuals.

2. Mesh Lift

mesh thread lift


Mesh lift is a little more heavy-duty procedure. It is effective for tightening moderately saggy skin along with deep laugh lines. In addition, it gives an overall contour to the face by adhering better to the skin tissues.

To improve its attachment, sutures with mini barbs are used, which make it more efficient for soft tissue lifting and repositioning. Like the threads, enzymes in the body also break down these barbs and ultimately cause the increased release of elastin and collagen. They have the same effects, but the only difference is that the results are more pronounced.

Whoever wants a more dramatic face thread lift should opt for mesh lift. The results also last longer, and you may not need another lifting for at least three years.

Procedure Of Face Thread Lift

Face thread lift takes less than one hour to provide desirable results to the patient. The procedure is divided into the following steps;

Step 1: A Consultation Session

The physician who will perform the procedure analyzes your skin and facial structures to conclude which type of face thread lift will suit you the most. He will also make a proper treatment plan so that everything goes smoothly.

thread lift pre-treatment marking

Step 2: Marking And Anaesthesia

As the procedure begins, the doctor will mark the target areas on your face the thread is to be inserted. He will then apply local anaesthesia so that the entire procedure is pain-free.

local anaesthesia injection before face thread lift

Step 3: Insertion Of Thread

The first needle with the thread is inserted in a curved direction into the subdermal layers of the skin on the target area, followed by the second needle over it. This ensures that the threads are inserted in a bi-directional manner.

thread lifting process

Step 4: Lifting

Once the thread is properly inserted and attached to the desired tissue, it is pulled in a manner that the tissues collect underneath and give a lifting effect. The long ends of the thread are cut off, and it is secured in place.

Pros Of Face Thread Lift

benefits of face thread lift dream plastic surgery

The benefits associated with face thread lift are what entrust a person to choose it from among all the other treatments for facial lifting. These are as follows:

  • It gives a natural look
  • The procedure takes a maximum of 45 minutes
  • It does not require general anaesthesia
  • The process is less painful comparatively
  • The recovery time is much shorter than surgical options
  • It is a minimally invasive procedure
  • Collagen stimulation gives a youthful look
  • The results are almost immediate
  • Can treat lots of areas and problems, including wrinkles and contour concerns

Cons Of Face Thread Lift

Like any other procedure, there are certain cons associated with the face thread lift procedure. These include the following.

  • It might not be effective in all
  • The success rate is lower for patients with severe sagging skin
  • Results are temporary
  • Can only treat the initial signs of ageing
  • Cannot treat excess skin

Contraindications Of Face Thread Lift

Though everyone with saggy and loose skin desires to go for a face thread lift, it is not practically possible. Some people cannot undergo face lifting due to the increased risk of complications and failure of treatment. This procedure is not suitable for the following conditions:

  • Pregnancy or lactation
  • Skin inflammation
  • A blood disorder such as clotting failure
  • Autoimmune disease

How To Maximize The Results?

To maximize the results of any treatment or procedure, you must take good care before and after. For this, we have suggested some dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind.

Before going for the face thread lift, always make sure that you have a consultation session with your physician. You must make him aware of any kind of allergies or medical conditions you might have in your session. This helps in reducing the chances of any potential complications. Furthermore, start avoiding alcohol and smoking at least a week before the procedure. Also, do not wear makeup or any cream on that day and avoid having aspirin or any blood-thinning agents.

Subsequently, once you are done with the process, it is now your responsibility to take good care of it. The doctors usually suggest avoiding touching the face or applying anything over it for the next 12 hours. The use of makeup or consumption of alcohol is always unadvisable for a few weeks. The most important thing is to refrain from vigorous exercise or massages that may cause the thread to break. Proper aftercare instructions will be advised by your doctor.

Side Effects

The side effects associated with face thread lift are minimal and resolve within less than two weeks. The most you can do for them is either apply an ice pack or have painkillers. Some of the common side effects are as follows.

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Bruising
  • Numbness
  • Pain at sight
  • Slight asymmetry

If this surgery is not performed under strict guidelines and in an appropriate setting, it may also lead to complications including:

  • Thread breakage
  • Infection
  • Allergic reaction to the thread
  • Dimpling where the thread is inserted
  • Extreme pain
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Disturbed symmetry of the face
  • Thread protrusion

The Final Thoughts

We have discussed the basics of the face thread lift procedure. It has become very popular after the number of successful and promising results it has given. According to the international society of aesthetic plastic surgery, out of all the aesthetic procedures done in 2018, 3.8% of them were face lifting.

Due to the safety and cost-effectiveness, the face thread lift procedure is preferred over other treatment options. However, consulting your physician is suggested. You should also inform your physician of any medical conditions you have. Your doctor will then inform you of the best treatment plan so that things end in your favor.



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