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Natural Ways For Bust Enhancement – Do They Work?
natural ways for bust enhancement in singapore

Natural Ways For Bust Enhancement – Do They Work?

A woman’s breast is one of the most attractive and appealing physical features known to men. A perfectly-sized pair of busts can make you look more attractive, give you more confidence, and boost your self-esteem.

Sadly, not every woman is lucky enough to have a perfect pair. In terms of size, getting your breasts enhanced without surgical intervention is one of the biggest challenges.

Temporary solutions such as bust-specific clothing and push-up bras can be useful, but they are not ideal and permanent. Instead, it would help if you focused on more natural solutions that actually make a genuine and lasting difference to your breast shape, such as bust enhancement through fat grafting.

What determines breast size?

what affects breast sizeMost parts and organs of the body grow to a certain size and then stop their growth. On the other hand, your breast tissue can actually modify shape and change size throughout your life. So what factors determine the size of the breast?

While it’s a popular myth that your bust size was predestined, many factors (including genetic and environmental) affect it. The three most significant factors that influence the overall size of your breasts include;


Genes play a significant role in the development of the body’s physical as well as functional features. It helps dictate your breast size, and you are most likely to have the same cup size as your immediate family members.

However, that doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to have a certain size for the whole life as other environmental factors also play a role in determining your busts’ final size.

Hormones and reproductive cycles

Reproductive cycle and hormones affect breast size. According to a study [1];

  • The ovaries start producing estrogen and progesterone during the early stages of puberty. They act on breast tissue and plump it up with fat.
  • Right before your period, your breasts may get more prominent under the influence of estrogen and progesterone. They cause temporary enlargement of the breast ducts and milk glands.
  • Increased production of estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin during pregnancy causes enlargement of the breasts.
  • A reduction in estrogen during menopause may cause your breasts to shrink in size and lose elasticity.

Weight fluctuations

You could see a difference in your boob size if you are overweight or obese, and your breasts have a higher concentration of fatty tissue. A recent study[2] also shows that overweight and obese teen girls experience early breast development.

Bust Enhancement Options That Work

bust enancement options that workAs mentioned earlier, breast size is determined by several factors such as genetics, lifestyle, hormones, and body weight. Most women are looking for simple and effective ways to increase their breast size – without going under the knife. These may include;

Chest development exercises

Breast-specific exercises that focus on the pectorals, shoulder, and back can help tone the chest muscles and firm the fat tissue. A new study[3] found that specific exercises affect breast size and development in women.

These include;

  • Wall presses
  • Arm presses
  • Arm circles
  • Horizontal chest press
  • Prayer pose
  • Chest press extensions

Considering a new bra

Research[4] shows that more than 70 percent of women are wearing the wrong-sized bra. A small or too-tight bra may press the boobs and flatten them – making them appear smaller. It’s also detrimental to wear a too-large bra as it won’t support the breasts, making them look saggy.

Consider getting your go-to bra that perfectly fits your breast size. No matter the size of your boobs, a well-fitting bra can provide adequate support – making them look their best.

Bust Enhancement Strategies That Won’t Increase Your Breast Size

bust enhancement strategies that won't increase your breast sizeYou should be aware of highly marketed supplements, herbal products, creams, massages, and enlargement pumps that are claimed as natural and quick remedies for bust enhancement in Singapore. There is no scientific evidence to prove their effectiveness. The common strategies that won’t increase your breast size include;

Dairy food consumption

All dairy products contain female growth hormones such as prolactin, estrogen, and progesterone. No studies have shown the breast enhancement effects of dairy products. Drinking lots of milk or consuming dairy products may affect a person’s weight and hence contribute to increments in breast size.

Soy-based products

Soy-based products, such as soy milk, contain phytoestrogens and mimic estrogen’s effects on the body. However, that doesn’t make these products work as a bust enhancer.

Breast enlargement supplements

Highly advertised breast enhancing supplements may also be unsafe. Most of them contain herbal extracts and ingredients with no proven health benefits and might cause negative health complications if taken over a long period of time.

Breast enlargement creams

Some breast enhancement or enlargement creams may be beneficial for the skin, but they’ll do nothing to increase breast size. No studies are indicating that any cream, lotion, or topical treatment can enlarge breasts.

Breast enlargement massages

Breast massage helps increase blood flow and support lactation comfort. However, there is no evidence that self- or professional massage helps enhance breast size.

Breast enlargement pumps

Breast enhancement pumps and other similar devices use pressure and suction techniques to pull on the breasts. This makes the breast appear larger secondary to the stretch caused by the suction force. However, they may cause swelling and sagging of the breast, and results are often temporary.

Are There No Other Ways To Increase Breast Size Naturally?

fat grafting a natural way to increase bust sizeFat grafting[5], though considered as an invasive procedure, is perhaps one of the best and the closest bust enhancing procedures in Singapore that produce natural and professional results. This method enhances bust size the natural way without using foreign bodies such as breast implants.

What is fat grafting, and how does it work?

Fat grafting is characterized by the transfer of fat from fat-rich areas of the body to the fat dependent areas (that may be lacking in volume), such as the breast. It is a safe, well-tolerated, and long-lasting procedure that produces natural-looking results.

Statistical data show that thousands of people undergo successful fat grafting every year, and more than 90% of people are pleased with the results.

Benefits of fat grafting

Fat transfer is a safe procedure and produces natural-looking results. Compared to dermal fillers, autologous fat (from your own body) reduces the chance of allergic reactions. Fat transfer takes unwanted fat from one area to rejuvenate another, helping you achieve plumper and perfectly-sized boobs.

Who is suitable for fat grafting?

Fat transfer is suitable for you if;

  • You have breast areas that appear sunken and saggy
  • You want to increase the size of your breasts – that’s natural-looking
  • You desire more permanent results without the use of implants or filler injections
  • You wish to hide obvious signs of breast implants or fill in contour irregularities
  • You have sufficient doner fat from other parts of the body

Is fat grafting results permanent?

When done by professional hands, the injected fat tissue quickly establishes a new blood supply and starts receiving essential nutrients it needs for survival. As it happens naturally and no synthetic means are used, results are often permanent and may last for a long time if there are no erratic weight fluctuations.

Consider fat grafting to breasts for bust enhancement

No food or diet plan, supplements, creams, and massage therapies have been clinically proven to help increase breast size. One of the best natural ways to enhance your breasts’ contour and size is to do the chest-specific exercises that strengthen the pectoral muscles. In Singapore, fat grafting is another safe, effective procedure that helps transfer fat to the breast and produce natural-looking and long-lasting results.

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