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Eye Bag Removal
with Fat Repositioning

Look less tired and more youthful with under eye bag removal and fat repositioning.
surgery duration

Procedure Time

1.5 – 2 Hours




recovery period

Recovery Period

10 – 14 Days

stitch removal

Stitch Removal

7 Days Post-op

What is under eye fat repositioning surgery?

Under eye fat repositioning or eye bag surgery with fat repositioning is a surgical procedure that is used for removing eye bags and correct sagging skin under the eyes. The procedure also fills up the sunken area and improve wrinkles under the eyes that are formed due to fat removal, resulting in a younger and brighter look. Excess fat is removed and repositioned in this process to correct that groove under the eyebag. During the procedure, the eyebag gets flattened and it corrects any outward bulge. The procedure also involves removal of any excess skin while tightening the lower eyelid upwards for creating a smooth and taut contour. 

Who needs eye bag surgery with fat repositioning?

Anyone with eyebags under their eyes can go for eye bags surgery. Individuals with sagging skin in their lower eyelids and a groove becoming prominent are the best candidates for eye bag surgery with fat repositioning. 

The procedure is appropriate for individuals with:

  • Significant excess fat in lower eyelids
  • Uneven accumulation of fat just under the eyes forming multiple eye bags
  • Deep grooves under the eyes
  • Visible blood vessels below the eyes
  • Dark circles formed due to sunken areas that lack enough fat
  • Recurred eye bags after surgical correction in the past

Surgery procedure steps

Removing any excessive skin and redistributing and repositioning fat helps in rejuvenating the face while lending a more youthful look. Here are the steps that the surgeon will follow while performing under eye fat repositioning surgery. 

eyebag fat repositioning

Advantages Over Other Eye Bag Removal Techniques

Take a quick look why Fat Repositioning is a better option compared to other eye bag removal techniques.

  1. Addresses skin aging issues across three different layers
    1. Tightens and removes excessive skin
    2. Helps with even fat redistribution to fill in any hollow areas in lower eyelid
    3. Lifts and tightens muscles on the are under the eye
  2. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Improves appearance by removing dark circles
  4. Creates a smoother and taut under eye contour
  5. Gives better and long lasting results as compared to other techniques used for eye bag removal 

If you are considering your options for eye bag surgery with fat repositioning, get in touch today. We will answer all your queries and address any concerns you may have regarding the procedure. 

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