Facial Fat Grafting Cost in Singapore: Expectation Vs Reality

facial fat grafting cost in singapore

Are you worried because your face is deflating like a balloon as you are aging? It is happening because the bones, fat, and other soft tissues of your face are shrinking due to the natural aging phenomenon. Don’t worry as there are solutions to it. Advancements in plastic surgery have now made it possible to […]

Facial Fat Grafting: 8 Things You Should Know

facial fat grafting in singapore

Facial fat is widespread, copious, and balanced in youth. However, as we age, the fat on our faces becomes “unbalanced,” revealing regions of visible fat surplus and withering. These changes arise in predictable patterns and appear to correlate with changes in overall body fat. In other words, increased fat causes deposits or fat hypertrophy in […]

Early Signs of Aging & How to Treat Them?   

early signs of aging and how to treat them

You can start to notice early signs of aging on the surface of your skin at around the age of 25. Aging signs can widely differ from person to person because of varying hormonal changes, lifestyle habits, and genetics. If you’re in your late twenties or thirties, then creases across your cheeks, age spots, wrinkles, […]