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It is common to start encountering signs of aging starting from early 20s. Common signs of aging include freckles, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, and dry skin. As the symptoms of aging start appearing, they may impact the self-esteem of a person. Be it a man or woman, everyone can be equally affected.

Considering the impact of skin aging on the quality of life, Sylfirm X was launched. It is not only a minimally invasive procedure but also provides long lasting results with minimal downtime and discomfort. Sylfirm X treatment can be an excellent option for all those battling with the visible signs of aging.

Learn how we can help you reverse aging signs.

What Is The Process Of Skin Aging?

Having saggy cheeks?
Are you feeling the effects of gravity on your facial skin?

As we age, the skin also ages and undergoes a few changes that soon become visible not only on the face but the entire body surface. Firstly, the fat deposits below the skin decrease, resulting in loosening of the skin, specifically in areas like cheeks, forehead, under eyes, etc.

Eventually, the epidermal layer of the skin becomes thin, and the number of melanocytes, i.e., the pigment-producing cells, decreases. Consequently, the skin becomes translucent and pale. Age spots or “liver spots” start appearing in the area exposed to the sun.

The quantity of collagen and elastin decreases considerably, and this eventually causes the skin to lose its strength and elasticity. The condition is known as elastosis and is more commonly observed in sun-exposed areas. As the skin becomes leathery, it changes the entire look of a person.

With time the blood vessels in the dermis also become fragile and tend to bleed under the skin more often. This leads to senile purpura or bruising. In addition, the sebaceous glands also start producing less oil making the skin dry and itchy.

What Causes Your Skin To Age Faster?

These are a few of the factors that play a crucial role in speeding the process of skin-aging:

Signs that show your skin is aging faster

Rough & Dry Texture

Dark Under Eyes


Open & Visible Pores



What Is Sylfirm X?

Sylfirm X is the latest modified version of RP (repeated ultra-short pulse) micro-needle system that was developed in Silicon Valley, US. It is the first FDA-approved treatment that uses dual wave technology to address all kinds of skin conditions.

The machine has three built-in signature modes that treat the root causes of skin illness, including melasma, rosacea, age spots, acne scars, skin laxity, and much more. The most noticeable thing about Sylfirm X is that it only works on targeted cells while protecting the surrounding tissues.

Firstly, the Cell Mode specifically targets the cells present in the dermal layer of the skin so that the production of elastin and collagen is stimulated. In addition, the eight different types of Continuous Wave (CW) Modes and Pulsed Wave (PW) Modes treat the loose skin and hyperpigmentation, respectively.

The robotic system, precise electrodes, and three different types of gold micro-needles make Sylfirm X a versatile skin rejuvenating treatment for targeting skin issues on different depths of the skin. It allows the radiation to act on all the cell layers, minimizing the side effects. Moreover, these features ensure that the treatment can be customized as per the severity of skin condition and patient preference.

The linear step motor increases the therapy’s precision and reduces the risk of bleeding, bruising, and extensive pain. It ensures that the needles are inserted smoothly without being pushed back.

A variety of microneedle tips ranging from 0.3 – 4.0 mm are available with the device to allow greater control. Furthermore, the insulation over the needles prevents the surrounding cells from the thermal effect ensuring a smoother and comfortable treatment experience.  

How Does It Work For Skin Tightening?

The procedure of Sylfirm X is pretty simple and divided into four main steps. These are; 

Step 1

A consultation session is arranged either the same day or the day before to discuss the issues that need to be addressed. Also, at this point, the doctor may ask for any kind of medical condition or allergy the patient may have.

Step 2

The area that is going to be treated is marked to avoid confusion later. Then, a numbing cream is applied and massaged to make sure the procedure remains pain-free.

Step 3

The probe is carefully placed over the area to insert the needles into the skin and generate an electrothermal environment.

Step 3

Once the procedure is over, a cooling mask is applied to the face, and the patient may resume the daily activities right after it.

The needle insertion into the skin creates an electrothermal environment around the tip. The energy radiates from the needle into the skin and then back to the needle generating the “Na effect.” This makes sure that the impact of the treatment is confined to the targeted cells while the remaining stay protected.

The SR3 technology of Sylfirm heats the tissues to 60 degrees Celsius so that the proteins denature and the collagen coagulates. The Continuous Waves (CW) mode causes non-selective coagulation of the proteins around the microneedles.

Moreover, the production of collagen and elastin fibers is increased so that the skin tightens, and the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles noticeably reduces after the first session. Also, it stimulates wound healing and reduces hyperpigmentation so that the age spots fade gradually.

Who Is Suitable For Sylfirm X Treatment?

So how do you know if you are suitable for Sylfirm X treatment?

Sylfirm X is a suitable treatment for almost any individual who is suffering from any kind of skin condition. It is the first multi-treatment to address skin issues such as;


Fine lines & Wrinkles

Lax Skin

Uneven Skin tone

Stretch Marks

Acne & Acne Scars

What Is The Difference Between Sylfirm X And Laser Treatments?

There are multiple factors that make Sylfirm X treatment superior to other laser treatment options.

While the radiation from other laser probes may damage the surrounding cells, including the epidermal melanosomes, Sylfirm X does not. The heat generated from its probe targets only specific tissues and so it does not pose the risk of skin peeling, tissue burns, or post-treatment pigmentation.

Secondly, the results of Sylfirm X are more visible, unlike other treatments, because it treats the root cause of the skin condition without affecting its epidermal layer. Meanwhile, laser toning may worsen the problem as it does not deal with the core causes and might end up stimulating micro-vessels.

Lastly, Sylfirm X destroys the abnormal vessels, strengthens the basement membrane, and stimulates the production of components that make the skin healthier and more youthful looking. In contrast, lasers may harm the complexion of the skin due to aggressive treatment.

What To Expect From The Treatment?

The entire procedure of Sylfirm X takes a maximum of 30 – 60 minutes to provide the end results that are noticeable almost instantly. The first thing that the patient notices is a visible improve in skin firmness and fine lines. With sequential treatments, incremental improvements in skin smoothness and tightness can be felt.

In addition, the redness and flushing have reduced along with the reduction in acne breakouts. Glowing and tighter skin is also visible once the swelling goes down.

What Is The Price For Sylfirm X Treatment?

Sylfirm may cost around $900 to $1200, but the prices may vary depending on the severity of the condition and the number of required sessions.

Our process is straightforward, and everything from registration to procedure preparation, recovery and discharge is handled within our clinic.

Sylfirm X is a modern solution for the old stubborn skin issues that people have struggled with for a long time. The minimally invasive procedure with close to zero side effects can be all that you need.

At Dream, we work closely with you to ensure that you understand Sylfirm X treatment’s expectations, benefits, and requirements. We discuss everything involved and help you decide the most suitable option to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Sylfirm X has zero recovery time as there are no significant side effects except for mild redness and swelling that go away within a few hours after the procedure.

The results after Sylfirm X are usually long lasting; however, some people may require sessions after a year or so to maintain them.

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