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Rhinoplasty Operations at Our Clinic (Rhinoplasty Singapore)

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The nose is the centrepiece of the face and can affect how well other features integrate together to create a proportionate and balanced look. A beautiful nose with good contours, height and projection that harmonises with the other features can really enhance a person’s look and confidence.

The Asian nose usually ends off with a round tip, and its sides are plump, rather than angular. Apart from aesthetic concerns, some people may also experience functional issues such as nasal congestion, sinusitis or breathing difficulties. Nose jobs in Singapore have generally observed address issues similar to most Asian rhinoplasty cases, targeting specific aesthetic traits to create a sharper, defined shape for the nose. Both the aesthetic facets and functionality aspects can be improved with rhinoplasty, which is also commonly referred to as a nose job.

Correcting an undefined nose involves raising the bridge with a prosthesis made of silicon, creating a defined and well-projected tip with cartilage taken from either the nasal septum or the ear, and reducing the width of the nose for a slimmer frontal profile.

For nose tip surgery, nasal cartilage of a precise shape is harvested and used as a support fixture for the columella. Additional cartilage harvested from the ear is used to enhance the height, projection and definition of the tip. This method allows the surgeon to customise the tip of the nose to achieve good proportion and height for more natural results. While some clinics offer rhinoplasty with the use of L-shaped implants, Dream believes in using natural cartilage to customise your rhinoplasty results. Undergoing rhinoplasty has so been carefully considered and planned to achieve a result within your expectations. During your consultation, our plastic surgeons can include a virtual simulation to explore the types of surgical outcomes you can get from this procedure.


Fast forward to 10:53 to get a glimpse of how a Rhinoplasty is done and what goes on during the procedure.

Warning: This video contains graphic footage that some viewers may find disturbing. Viewers discretion is advised. 

Rhinoplasty Surgery Method

  • General anaesthesia is generally used unless advised otherwise by the attending specialist.

  • We use silicone implants to enhance the nose bridge

  • Nasal septum cartilage is preferred for the support of the columella nasi. Inserting this support fixture is crucial to raising the height of the nose tip in a natural-looking way

  • Ear cartilage is harvested and used for reshaping, and also for providing additional height

  • The advantage of this method of rhinoplasty is that it gives the ability to manoeuvre the nose tip like how one could with a natural nose, which is not possible with an L-shaped implant.


Augmentation with L-shaped Implant

The use of L-shaped silicone implants are one of the most common ways to augment the nose. Depending on a patient’s expectations and nose structure, the surgeon will choose an implant size that fits proportionally. In the case of a nose job using L-shaped implant, it will be a one-step procedure to enhance the bridge and tip.

Augmentation with Bone Graft and Cartilage*

This is ideal for patients who do not want any foreign materials at all, or for those whose body rejects implants. The bone graft is used to raise the bridge and cartilage is used to enhance the tip.


Dream Plastic Surgery always strives for the best medical and surgical outcomes for every one of its patients. Whether you require rhinoplasty for aesthetic or medical reasons, speak to our professionals at Dream Singapore to find out more. Contact our clinic in Singapore today with any questions you have about our procedures, our staff or our facilities. You can make an enquiry over the phone at 65 6871 8888, or send us a message via email to. We can also be contacted through our enquiry page.

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