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Nose Tip Surgery

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When it comes to nose surgery, it is common to think of it as surgery to make both the nose bridge and tip higher and sharper. However, it is nose tip surgery that is most commonly done. Nose tip (Tip-plasty) surgery is one of the fields of nose surgery, and is done depending on the shape of the nose tip.

The ideal shape of the nose is sharp and slightly lifted whereas Asians have a blunt nose with soft tissues on their nose tips. To make a beautiful nose, various ways of nose tip surgery can be implemented such as suture of the cartilage, nose cartilage transplantation, or erecting pillars in the nose.

If a nose is lifted by inserting prostheses, the nose tip should also be corrected to make an ideal nose. The nose surgery that Dream commonly performs is ‘the insertion of nose pillar support fixture’. A sharp and high nose can be created by inserting a support fixture using cartilage (mainly nasal cartilage), stitching the nose cartilage, and then inserting ear cartilage or alloderm.

Having a support fixture of the nose pillar can maximize the effect of Rhinoplasty. A support fixture of the nose pillar makes the angle between the nose and lips more fashionable. In addition, it also helps to maintain the effect of a lifted nose tip in the long-term. 


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