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Deviated Nose Bridge Surgery

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A crooked nose is most often either caused by a deviation of the nasal septum or a deformity of the nasal bone and cartilage.

Nasal septal deviation is the condition where there is displacement of the internal nasal septum. People with nasal septal deviation have symptoms like nasal congestion, inflammation of the sinuses and possibly infection. Where the crooked nose is caused by a deformity of the external bone or cartilage, the appearance is often more complex due to the involvement of both bone and cartilage.  It is common to see both types of cases. People who visit Plastic Surgery clinics tend to be interested in only external corrections. However, nasal septal deviation should also be checked with a radiological exam. If the nasal septal deviation is ignored and only the external bent nose corrected, prevailing nasal issues are likely to persist. Surgery may be used to correct the septum placement, putting it back in the middle where it belongs. This serves to even the airflow capacity of each nostril, making breathing easier for the patient.

Surgery Method

When correcting a bent or crooked nose, the functional considerations are important. A crooked nose is corrected in a way where the bent nose is fractured and positioned centrally. Thereafter the cartilage of the external bent nose is peeled off and positioned correctly. At the same time, to correct the bent nose fundamentally, nasal septal deviation surgery should be done in a way where the bent part of the nasal septum inside the nose is incised and positioned centrally.

If you have a severe degree of nasal septal deviation, the incised nasal cartilage is fixed onto the bent part. You might have a feeling of irritation at this point. In order to correct a severely bent nose, the bridge of the nose is incised and moved to the center. If the degree of bending is not serious, simple redressing instead of bone fracture is implemented in order to have a desirable result.


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