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V-Line Surgery

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A V-line means a smooth and soft line from below the ears to the tip of the chin. Dream's V-line surgery focuses on making the chin slimmer rather than creating a V-line on the entire mandible. Dream's V-line Surgery can change your looks from one that is strong and rough to one that looks soft, sophisticated and chic. Check out the chic jawline - an absolute secret of a young face, through Dream's V-line Surgery.

Effect of Dream V-line Surgery

Surgery Details

This surgery creates a V-lined chin. After a part of the chin is incised, the mandible is trimmed off smoothly. The surgery effects may be maximized by performing not only chin surgery, but mandible surgery simultaneously. 

Dream's V-line Surgery can be performed in multiple ways. The surgeon can reduce the width or length of the chin, or make the chin more prominent, or correct an asymmetrical chin. The type of surgery or combination of surgeries recommended depends on the chin shape.

Patients Suitable For Surgery


  • Those with an angular chin.
  • Those with a wide chin.
  • Those with a stubby chin (round or U-shaped).
  • Those with the lower part of the face looking masculine.

During your consultation, we can include a virtual simulation to explore the types of surgical outcomes you can get from this procedure.

Surgery Features
  • Creates a smooth face shape by reducing the width and length of a square chin.
  • Even a square chin (the length is short) can be slimmer after chin surgery.
  • The overall contour of the mandible is made V-lined by treating the chin intensively.
  • Utilising 3-D approaches like making the chin prominent or correcting an asymmetrical chin.
Surgery Method

1. Osteotomy Cutting into T-shape

  • Effective when reducing both the width and length of the chin.

2. Osteotomy Cutting into Inverted-V Shape

  • Effective when reducing the length of the chin while maintaining the shape of a square chin.

3. Osteotomy Cutting Horizontally

  • A conventional chin reduction method. If the chin is too long, it is shortened by cutting it horizontally, and an appealing V-line is created.

4. L-shape Shift Method

  • When the chin is protruding and too long, the lower part of the chin is slightly reduced by cutting the affected part horizontally. It is different from reduction mentoplasty, which reduces the entire lower chin.
  • The bones are cut along the horizontal osteotomy lines. After the bones in the middle are removed, the remaining part is horten and fixed. The excess bones are trimmed off and inserted below the chin.


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