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Short Chin Correction

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A person's face tends to looks short and the lips look relatively protruded if the chin is unusually receded. This projects an unsophisticated image as the boundary between the neck and chin line is undefined. 

There are two types of short chin correction: short chin correction surgery with bone or with an implant. The choice of surgery depends on each patient's needs to create a beautiful facial contour by improving both the shape and size of the lower jaw as well as the short chin with a single surgery. In addition, the hidden chinline and neckline can be improved to become more defined.

During your consultation, we can include a virtual simulation to explore the types of surgical outcomes you can get from this procedure.

Main Points For Short Chin Correction

1. First, Finding the Appropriate Angle from 'Profile View’

  • Angles on the side profile of the face are the most important aspects in short chin correction. The angles between the tip of the nose, lips, and chin are the main points. The higher the angle, the shorter and more receded the chin. On the other hand, the lower the angle, the flatter the face, which makes a person look relatively old. Dream Plastic Surgery's short chin correction creates the optimal angles that suit each individual, resulting in an attractive Profile View.

2. Second, Beautiful Neckline Starting from the Chin

  • A weak chin line can make a person look unappealing. By adjusting the angle of the chin, our specialists can make the line between the chin and neck look natural and defined.
Surgery Outline

This surgery corrects a short chin by shifting his/her own bone. The receded chinbone is incised and shifted forward to make the short chin look more natural.  The boundary of the chin becomes defined and naturally enhanced. 

Cases Appropriate for 'Short Chin Surgery with Bone'

1. Protruded Lips

  • Protruded lips may result in a person looking like he/she has a short chin even though the chin is normal. 

2. Long Face

  • If a person has a relatively long face and receded chin, the chin can look small. Short chin correction with an implant is not recommended for those with a long face as it will make the problem worse. Short chin correction with bone would be more appropriate in this case.

3. Extreme case of Short Chin

  • Typical implants for the chin are longer than 4~5mm. If the chin is too short, the chin shape can look unnatural after the implant is inserted. In this case, short chin correction with bone would also be more appropriate.

4. Soft Tissue Contracture

  • If a person suffers from Soft Tissue Contracture (soft tissue in the chin becomes hardened) after having an implant, he/she cannot have an implant again. 

Surgery Methods Depending on Symptoms

1. Extreme case of Receded Chin

  • If the chin is too receded, dual-level advancement surgery (with dual-level osteotomy lines) can be performed so that the chin can be shifted to a greater extent, and the chin and mouth shapes can be augmented more naturally.

2. Long but Receded Chin

  • If the chin is receded, it can look small even if it is structurally long. The vertical length of this type of chin needs to be shortened and it needs to be shifted forward to create a balanced facial length and profile.

3. Micrognathia

  • This is a situation where malocclusion exists and the boundary between the neck and chinline is undefined as the entire lower jaw as well as the chin are small and receded. As square jaw surgery is often also simultaneously performed, the overall facial contour and look can be improved by transplanting the bone incised during square jaw surgery. This increases the size and length of the chin considering the small lower jaw's proportion.

Surgery Outline

If your chin is not too short and you want it to be corrected simply, its size and position can be adjusted by implant insertion (not incising bones) considering the optimal contours. Dream Plastic Surgery creates a natural-looking chin using 'soft silicon‘ (an enhanced version of existing silicon, which puts the least strain on the bones, and can create a smooth contour). As it is the mucous membrane inside the mouth that is incised, there are no visible surgical scars and operation time is short (hospitalization is unnecessary).

Patients for Short Chin Correction with Implant

Those with a mild Short Chin problem

For those who want their chin contour improved but only have a mild version of a short chin, their chin size can be increased and the contours adjusted by inserting an implant into it after incising the inner part of the mouth.

What implant is used?

'Soft silicon', an enhanced implant material, is soft compared to existing 'hard silicon’. The results after this type of chin surgery looks natural and a person tends not to feel side effects of having the implant. Above all, as less strain is applied on the bones, recovery is relatively fast, with fewer side effects, and post-surgical satisfaction tends to be higher.


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