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Pointed-Chin Surgery

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A protruded chin is often called a 'Pointed Chin'. The lower chin looks protruded if the lower chin has overgrown or if the upper chin has undergrown. A person with a pointed chin tends to have an overly strong visage, which could be unappealing to the individual concerned.

1. Pointed Chin with Malocclusion & Crossbite

  • Those affected by a Pointed Chin generally are affected by malocclusion or crossbite (a misalignment of the upper and lower teeth) as well. In this situation, both a surgery and orthodontics should be done at the same time. A double jaw surgery or bimaxillary operation is usually performed. 

2. Protruded Pointed Chin with Normal Occlusion

  • A protruded pointed chin with normal occlusion is usually associated with a skeletal protrusion rather than a dentoalveolar protrusion. It is commonly thought that a chin surgery is sufficient for this situation, but correcting the chin only will not satisfactorily improve one's appearance. In this case, a double-jaw surgery can make a significant difference.

Patients Suitable For Surgery
  • Those with a long and large face and chin, with an underjaw more prominent than the lips.
  • Those with a low mid-face.
  • Those with the lower teeth more prominent than the upper teeth and affected by malocclusion, causing chewing difficulties.
  • Those affected by malocclusion, causing pronunciation difficulties.
  • Those with normal occlusion but with the chin much longer than the face.

During your consultation, we can include a virtual simulation to explore the types of surgical outcomes you can get from this procedure.

Surgery Features
  • Orthodontics alone cannot shift the bones of the face, but only the teeth. Pointed Chin Surgery ensures the optimal correction as both the jawbone and teeth are corrected. 
  • Even if one's teeth were straightened in prior years, a pointed chin can still be corrected by double-jaw surgery.
  • Creates the optimal contours and angles harmonious with the overall face shape.
  • Can be done together with malar reduction, berry-line surgery, prominent lips surgery, and asymmetry correction, if necessary, to create an ideal facial look.
Surgery Method

1. Lower Jaw Surgery

  • As the name implies, lower jaw surgery corrects the lower jaw only. The surgery cuts the junction between the temporomandibular joint and jawbone behind the molar, and pushes the teeth structure and lower jawbone inwards. This surgery is performed when shifting the lower jaw inwards would be enough as the chin is not excessively pointed or the maxillary teeth are in the right position.

2. Double-jaw Surgery

  • This surgery pushes the entire protruding upper and lower jaw inwards. This is achieved by osteotomy of both the upper and lower jaw. This surgery is performed if the chin is excessively pointed or if the malocclusion is severe, or if the pointed chin causes facial asymmetry or an open bite. 


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