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Cheekbone Reduction (Zygoma)

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The cheek bones in the mid-section of the face play an important role in determining the contour of the face and a person's image. Protruding cheek bones can make a person look too strong. This surgery method is used to soften the contour of the face by correcting those cheekbones, making the face look smaller and slimmer by reducing the width of the face. Dream's Face Contouring surgery technique makes one look more appealing by reducing the protruding cheekbones and raising the zygomatic bones. Your facial visage can be noticeably augmented through this short-duration cheekbone surgery, which is relatively simple compared to other facial bone contouring surgeries. We can create a beautiful face contour without the cheeks drooping after the surgery, and can minimize tissue damage through dermabrasion.

The Secret Of A Young Face - Zygomatic Bones!

Zygomatic bones are the highest areas of the cheek when looking at the face from a 45 degree angle. The muscles surrounding the bones get weakened through the ageing process, and the area becomes naturally drooped. As a result, the face looks old. This surgery makes the face look younger by correcting the drooped areas and reducing the cheekbones.

Patients Suitable For Surgery
  • Those with a flat, wide face (especially the mid-section of the face).
  • Those with protruding cheekbones when looking at the face from a 45 degree angle.
  • Those who are unhappy with their 'overly strong look' due to their cheekbones.
  • Those with the area below the cheekbones looking sunken due to protruding cheekbones.
  • Those with an uneven face shape due to protruding cheekbones when viewing from the front.
  • Those looking older than usual because of their cheekbones.

During your consultation, we can include a virtual simulation to explore the types of surgical outcomes you can get from this procedure.

Notes Before Cheekbone Surgery Treating Zygomatic Bones
  • The most important part of this surgery is to raise the protruded cheekbones when pushing them inwards so that they do not droop.
  • A cheekbone reduction can be performed minimizing desquamation and the affixing of muscles. 
  • Affixing the front and back parts firmly is the core of cheekbone surgery treating zygomatic bones and this prevents a recurrence of problems.
Surgery Method

1. High Cheekbones - Cheekbone Reduction to L-shape

  • Protuding cheekbones are treated by an L-shape cut after cutting the mucous membrane inside the mouth, then pushed inwards and affixed inside of the mouth. Finally, delicate adjustments are made for position and size.

2. Wide Cheekbones - Cheekbone Reduction to Z-shape

  • Excess bones are pushed inwards and affixed, and the contour is delicately adjusted by grinding the remaining parts. Desquamation should be minimized and the bones should be affixed firmly to prevent the cheeks from drooping.

3. Combined Cheekbones – Cheekbone Reduction to L-shape & Z-shape

  • Appropriate volume can be added to the cheeks and the contour can be smoothened with a combination of the two surgeries above.


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