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Berry-line & Mandibular Surgery

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The popular interpretation of the ideal face shape has been changing with the times. It was the 'oval face' in the 1990s and the 'V-line' in the 2000s. Now, it is the ‘berry-line’ that is increasingly popular as the ideal face shape of enhanced beauty.

The term ‘berry-line originated from 'strawberry’. In the Western world, a beautiful face shape has been compared to the contour of a strawberry. The existing 'oval face' is a traditional beauty. But a person with that face shape looked immature. A person with the 'V line' looked modern, but cold. The lower jaw of the face with the 'berry line', an ideal mix of the two, creates a more sophisticated, younger, and appealing vibe compared to that of the other two faces.

Effect of Berry-line & Mandibular Surgery?

Lovely strawberry-like berry- zone. The line comes down softly and smoothly from below the ears, and it is pointed, getting slightly narrow approximately below the mouth. Finally, the line naturally ends at the tip of the jaw.

The berry line makes the face look smaller with the narrow chin. The line naturally highlights the front of the cheekbone and cheek flesh which are part of the heart-shaped zone of the face, resulting in your face looking three dimensional and younger. With the line you can look younger and more sophisticated; your face much smaller & slimmer and you can have 3-D beauty with a 'cuter' face.

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Surgery Details

Dream Plastic Surgery practises all-in-one surgery, dealing with bones, muscles, fat, and skin all at one time. Advanced techniques are required to carefully design the berry zone as there is a sensory nerve beneath the chin. Berry-line & Mandibular Surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon.

Patients Suitable For Surgery
  • Those with a short, square face with a wide chin.
  • Those with a uniform or increasing face width from the upper to lower face.
  • Those with a strong-looking lower part of the face.
  • Those with an almost vertical angle of the chin contour from their side profile.

Features Of Surgery
  • All-In-One: An all-in-one surgery (a combined surgery) treating the bones, muscles, fat, and skin performed all at once.
  • Well-Balanced Line: The harmonious facial lines from the cheekbone to lower jaw created considering the overall balance of the face.
  • Complex Effect: Looking young and sophisticated, a 3D beauty with a slim and appealing face.
Combination Surgery

Berry-line & mandibular surgery performed by Dream Plastic Surgery is a combined surgery involving bones, muscles, fat, and skin all at once, creating a berry-lined face by mandible reduction.

1. Bone

Bone works are mainly incisions of the long curved chin, cortical osteotomy, and osteotomy for making the T-shaped chin depending on the chin shape. We can reduce the width and length of the face significantly (frontal view) using a combination of methods depending on the chin shape.

  • Incisions of the Long Curved Chin: A secondary angle is easily created during square jaw surgery by augmenting the square chin. It is important to cut the bone into a natural curve leading to the berry zone (a pit beside chin) after accurate measurements.

  • Cortical Osteotomy: A surgery reducing the width of the face (frontal view) by removing cortical parts of mandibular bone.
  • Osteotomy for Making the T-shaped Chin: A surgery reducing the width of the chin by separating the lower jaw horizontally into 3 parts, removing the middle of the 3 parts, and centralizing the other parts.

2. Muscle

If there is excess masticatory muscle, muscle de-bulking is needed to make the face smaller.


3. Fat

If there is excess fat within the cheek below the cheekbone, vesicle is removed to make the face smaller.

4. Skin

An erchonia laser is used for skin adhesions to the bone.


During your consultation, we can include a 3D virtual simulation to explore the types of surgical outcomes you can get from this procedure. If you would like to view some before & after pictures or find out how we can customise your procedure results, contact us at 65 6871 8888 or fill in our enquiry form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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