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Non-Incisional Ptosis Surgery From A Professional Singapore-Based Team

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Many people born with small eyes can also suffer from drooped eyelids, or can begin to experience some difficulty opening their eyes later in life due to ageing. Medically referred to as ‘blepharoptosis’, which means that the eyelids are partially or extensively covering the iris, this can be due to genetic, ageing or other non-congenital factors - 30 per cent because of genetics and 70 per cent due to ageing or other factors.

Testing the strength of the muscle used to lift the eyelids– the levator – is crucial to establishing a diagnosis for blepharoptosis. Ptosis correction is recommended as soon as possible because this condition can affect the person’s vision and interfere with their daily activities. Droopy upper eyelids not only look unappealing, but when left untreated for a long period of time, they can potentially have a negative impact on one’s eyesight including lazy eye or astigmatism.

Suitability for ptosis correction surgery

Patients may be considered to be a candidate for ptosis correction surgery if they exhibit any of the following:

  • Drooping of the eyelids due to genetically small eyes
  • Experiencing difficulty opening eyes later in life due to ageing
  • Half-closed eyes due to the weakened eyelid muscle

Advantages of Dream Plastic Surgery’s non-incisional procedures

  • No scarring as there is no incision
  • Surgery time is extremely short. As a result, patient experiences less swelling and faster recovery compared to other methods
  • As with the burial method of upper blepharoplasty, natural lines of double eyelids are created

Surgery Method

A thread is fixed to the levator – the muscle used to lift the eyelids.


The thread tightens and strengthens the levator which is responsible for lifting the eyelids.

ptosis surgery

Eyelids can regain part of their ability to lift and the patient’s eyes appear naturally bigger.

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Enquire more on ptosis correction with our clinic in Singapore

Dream Plastic Surgery encourages anyone interested in any of our procedures for medical or aesthetic purposes to contact our clinic in Singapore. If you are unsure about your condition and if ptosis correction is necessary, speak to our professionals at Dream Singapore to find out more.

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