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Eye Bag Removal (Lower Blepharoplasty)

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This procedure improves the old and tired look, commonly depicted with severe dark circles due to the protruding fat under the lower eyelids. It can be done on patients who are in their teens up until their late 40s, and the results will be best when there is no sagging or minor sagging of skin.


Depending on the severity of the eye bag, it may or may not require an incision. In some cases where there is mild protrusion, the excess fat can be removed with a simple laser treatment where controlled heat from a needle-sized laser probe is swept across the lower eyelid to melt unwanted fat. Where there is a more severe protrusion and it requires removal of excess skin, an incision is made through the conjunctiva (inner lash line along your lower eyelid) where excess fat and skin is removed to eliminate the presence of the eyebags. The incision along the conjunctiva is then stitched up, leaving no visible scars on the face.

This procedure is simpler and far less complex than fat repositioning, hence it requires a shorter recovery time. Individuals can expect to return to their regular activities around 7 days after the procedure.


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