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Scarless Eye Bag Removal

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The Scarless Eye Bag Removal uses a 600 micrometer (0.6 millimeter) needle-size laser to remove fat and water through an entry point that is almost invisible. This procedure takes around 30 minutes and requires a shorter recovery time as compared to incisional eye bag removal procedures. Certain individuals may require adding nano fat grafting or filler injection to their treatment plan.

Who is suitable for Scarless Eye Bag Removal Procedure?

  • Individuals with good skin elasticity
  • Mild bulging on the lower eyelids

During your consultation, we can include a virtual simulation to explore the types of surgical outcomes you can get from this procedure.


  • No knives, no stitches, no scars
  • Removed excess fat effectively
  • Fine laser probe allows for greater precision on small and delicate areas such as the lower eyelids
  • Technique causes minimal bruising and swelling, as well as less trauma to the skin
  • Faster recovery as compared to surgical eye bag removal techniques
  • Fast and safe procedure
  • Can be combined with facial fat grafting for optimal results

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Surgery Method

Scarless Eye Bag Removal

Preparing For Your Consultation At Dream

A proper consultation with the surgeon is crucial for us to understand your expectations and concerns before recommending an appropriate treatment solution for you. Do allocate a little more time for your first consult as we go through the following steps with you.
  1. Understand your concerns and expectations
  2. Personal assessment of your eyebag condition
  3. Recommending appropriate procedures and discuss potential outcomes from the surgery
  4. Address any other concerns you may have regarding the treatment plan
  5. Explain the pre- and post-surgery requirements you should be aware of


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