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The fold at the inner edge of the eyelids – often referred to as the Mongolian fold – can cause eyes to look round, distant and narrow. Epicanthoplasty is a procedure used to extend the width of the eyes, making them look bigger and more attractive.

People with severe Mongolian folds undergoing double eyelid surgery may find that the Mongolian fold gets more severe. Alternatively, surgery can make eyes smaller and more awkward, diminishing the satisfaction of the patient. Even with a small distance between the eyes, the fold can cause an awkward look. In these circumstances, correction of the Mongolian fold should be done without lengthening the eyelids.

Scars from epicanthoplasty  procedures are rarely noticeable. They are positioned near the eyelashes or inside of the double eyelids. Two to three months after surgery, these scars are almost unnoticeable even without any makeup.

The advantages of having an Epicanthoplasty with our professional team

The team at Dream Plastic Surgery utilises a variety of bespoke surgical methods depending on the unique circumstances of each individual including skin-redraping, uchida, and hiraga surgery. Therefore, surgical complications arising from un-customised methods are prevented, avoiding a long recovery time. It is important to note that skin-redraping surgery is rarely utilised due to its longer post-surgery recovery time.

Epicanthoplasty Surgical Methods

1. Uchida Method

Minimal incision is done to improve the Mongolian fold, and hence, reducing the likelihood of scarring.


2. Hiraga Method

The incision line is well hidden and the eye muscles and fibrous film that are responsible for causing the folds are separated.

epicanthoplasty surgery

3. Skin-redraping Method

This method hides the incision line well by separating and suturing the fibrous film and eye muscles that are responsible for causing the Mongolian fold.

epicanthoplasty surgery singapore

4. Restoring the Mongolian fold

Where excessive Epicanthoplasty was done, Dream Plastic Surgery's corrective specialists can partially recreate the fold.

epicanthoplasty singapore

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