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Calf Reduction

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Calf reduction is a surgery that reduces the calf muscle volume and creates a smooth calf line by blocking the branches of the motive nerves. The surgery is performed under sedation or anaesthesia. Two holes with a diameter of around 1 mm are made on the calf with a needle and the motive nerves controlling the soleus muscles are found with a nerve stimulator. Muscle atrophy may be caused by this surgery, which may last for around 6-9 months. Thereafter, the symptoms completely disappear.

Non-Invasive Calf Reduction

Calf reduction can be achieved with the use of Botox. Botox is injected into the calf muscles to restrict the muscle activity. It works very much the same way as a jaw muscle reduction procedure, but on a much larger scale. This procedure does not restrict calf function, and all regular activities can still be carried out.

Dream has adapted a non-incision, selective nerve block - a new calf reduction technique that reduces calf biceps and volume, to augment the calf into one with a definite and attractive contour within a short period of time. This surgery method grasps the motive nerves' pathway (controlling the soleus calf muscle) with high-tech equipment used for blocking nerves and which is based on electrophysiological principles. Only gastrocnemius muscles will be blocked selectively, minimizing the damage of other tissues through this surgery method. 

Advantages Of Non-invasive Calf Reduction
  • Leaves no scarring
  • No down-time
  • Reduces prominence of the calf muscle
  • Able to achieve slimmer calves within shorter duration
  • Non-invasive procedure


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