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Correction Of Excessive Sweating At Our Clinic In Singapore

Correction Of Excessive Sweating At Our Clinic In Singapore

Hyperactive sweat glands causing excessive sweating and an unpleasant smell is most commonly attributed to Hyperhidrosis, but it can also be contributed by other health conditions or diseases. Though it is not a life-threatening condition, it can affect your daily activities or confidence in social situations.

With today’s medical advancement, there are a few effective solutions ranging from surgical procedures to non-invasive treatments to correct excessive sweating. The treatments can provide temporary relief by blocking the signals from activating your sweat glands or a more permanent solution where a partial of the sweat glands are deactivated or removed.

Common Areas Of Treatment For Excessive Sweating

The underarms and palms are the most commonly treated areas. However, treatment for excessive sweating can also be extended to other parts of the face and body.

Excessive Sweating Treatment 1

Treatment Options For Excessive Sweating

There are three treatment options available at Dream and depending on your lifestyle, our surgeons can recommend the treatment that is most suitable for you.

Excessive Sweating Treatment

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