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Diastasis Recti: The Postpartum Body Condition You Need to Know

If your tummy still looks pregnant months after delivery, a post-baby abdominal condition called Diastasis Recti might be to blame. 🤰🏻

To treat this, we recommend Diastasis Recti Repair – weak central ridge is sewn back together and umbilical hernia repaired. With muscles back into their righful positions, your belly will look flatter and you can finally say goodbye to the abdominal/back pain you've been been suffering from. Speak to our friendly staff at 6871 8888 to learn more.

Diastasis Recti 1

Diastasis Recti 2

Plastic Surgery in Singapore: The Story of Dream

Story of Dream Founded in 1999 by Dr Yang-Soo Park, Dream Medical Group (DMG) Korea was built on the expertise of accredited top plastic surgeons from Seoul National University, which boasts the finest plastic surgery program in Korea. DMG continues to grow towards being the leader and innovator in this field. It prides itself on quality and focuses on providing bespoke approaches in aesthetic plastic surgery.

Despite being one of the most sought-after clinics with the largest A-List clientele in Korea, DMG maintains its ethical values and continuous commitment to quality and excellence. Today, DMG has grown from a two-surgeon clinic to a multi-surgeon practice that also offers aesthetic dentistry, dermatology and cosmeceuticals based on years of research and...

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