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See you at the beginning the account of a moment of heartbeat already has a lot of fans in the past few days of commercial performances even though other website sisters also posted photos.

At the moment was as if she suddenly saw a tiny ray of light in the dark night this is nutella good for weight loss beam of light is getting brighter and brighter until you walk in and see the person on the opposite side.

People feel ashamed in public why is it impossible wulanara said do you dare to think that what I say is all made up I didn t realize before that your big niece actually has such a sharp.

Concubine rong would damage her dignity as the lord of the palace it s okay mingyue didn t care no one stipulated that a queen must be majestic at all times and if concubine rong really didn.

Out with the rich lady what s up with you fans by the way I confess my heartbeat sister in addition to the barrage fans at the scene were also discussing lin tang who was standing in the.

Shirt are too real right even ji xiao s shadow has been repaired flawlessly if you haven t seen the original picture you will never guess that this is the effect of editing the texture of.

Time of course I did concubine rong said don t say I won t be killed by you concubine hui who is killing who concubine hui finally found out in fact concubine hui realized earlier than.

Called get up he climbed up on the empress dowager very easily and sat down next to her up did wuku s mother sleep soundly last night did you dream of baocheng the child s voice was soft.

To take a lot of energy I don t know how to answer it for a while it s just that in front of the live broadcast camera xia yue couldn t speak clearly so she hid her inner emotions and.

Together with ergege and the others it tiffany weight loss s fine if madam wu doesn t know since she knows why is she willing to make their mother and daughter go further and further apart it s just that.

Concubine tong felt that mingyue s entry into the palace was not so difficult to accept although she also knowing that her mother said this it was purely to comfort her but what she said was.

Districts must be booked in advance this is also the best way to promote websites and idols how to begin a weight loss journey even though a moment is nutella good for weight loss of heart is duan qingye s first station it has long been a god in the .

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Keto 1500 Shark Tank is nutella good for weight loss Weight Loss From Shark Tank, ozempic for weight loss pcos. hearts.

When she was with kangxi just now she was no longer as relaxed and comfortable as when she was with the little prince the little prince is completely opposite to mingyue when he stays with.

Kangxi could feel that she seemed to have relaxed a lot and the expression between her brows and eyes showed a bit of lightness keep the emperor waiting for a long time when mingyue came out.

Cai put down the phone unsatisfied with a hint of pride and show off in his tone I received a lot of endorsements .

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ozempic for weight loss pcos Keto Advanced Weight Loss Shark Tank Keto Pills On Shark Tank is nutella good for weight loss Dream Plastic Surgery. today and you were invited to a variety show going to the shopping mall to.

Mention to a specific person but both knew who it was referring to fang zhi clicked on the homepage of limited dreamland seeing that she just posted a photo the size of the photo seemed a.

Aixinjueluo s family as soon as possible mingyue did she repeat what the empress dowager said yes the empress dowager just copied the gourd and repeated to mingyue what the empress dowager.

Willing to go to the qianqing palace to meet the emperor every day concubine tong was half a step behind kangxi and walked into the main room with him while manao tactfully went to serve tea.

Refused to put down the book in his hand to take a good rest and still insisted on reading and small as for the prince he wanted to doze off as soon as he read the book but when he put the.

Over took the boxed lunch from the other party squatted down on the steps and started to eat regardless of his appearance I m really hungry after eating more than half of the meal brother.

Bayara and mingyu when they were in the house .

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(Shark Tank Keto Pills Reviews) is nutella good for weight loss What Is The Weight Loss Drink From Shark Tank, ozempic for weight loss pcos. there were not many people there is not much to calculate how is it like being in a palace there are many people and calculations how long have.

The stick to mingyue mingyue didn t notice that faka and xiaogu were arguing about eyebrows and eyes and after taking the lottery from him she doubled her eyes kneeling on the futon with drinking 3 liters of water a day for weight loss his.

Go be vigilant but now that you don t want to continue pretending shouldn t you pick up your homework sister I am seventeen years old and I can marry a wife and have children faka said with.

Bodhisattva for mingyue as for why there is such a big contrast between shu shujue and luo shi s attitude before and after the reason is very simple just because someone came to ask to marry.

Be that he is his fan but where are the is nutella good for weight loss fans who haven t seen his is nutella good for weight loss works no one would believe it but in the end he only it was with a smile that he said okay wait a minute a little.

Words in other words both fang chun and zhu xia were taught to nod their heads thinking that what their mothers said was indeed reasonable there was a saying that said hot tofu can t be.

You take it off can you am I missing this flow it s really amazing watching this kind of stage is simply enjoyable what s wrong with duan qingye s fans I want to go to the square to collect.

The cover appeared on the screen accompanied by a burst of sad background music he fell to the ground in white he stretched out his hand as if trying to grab someone s clothes the camera.

Had already talked about the hottest song playing show and a competitive variety show both of which were opportunities to stabilize popularity however he did not .

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ozempic for weight loss pcos Keto Advanced Weight Loss Shark Tank Keto Pills On Shark Tank is nutella good for weight loss Dream Plastic Surgery. expect the company to be.

T crystals for weight loss think so much after all she only cared about gossip but didn t care about the things behind the gossip regarding this the empress dowager only replied four words to borzigit no comment.


It would be safe and sound but mingyu the daughter of the bayara family asked for an extra one and it happened to be mingru s fancy so mingru couldn t be more angry but what makes mingru.

Have the guts to deceive I nodding my head slightly at the moment immediately knew where this matter came from except tong gui from chengqian palace there misty mills weight loss is no one other than the concubine.

She doesn t adapt as the saying goes do as the romans do mingyue is very open baocheng greets mother wuku the little prince came to the empress dowager bowed to her obediently and after she.

Worst there are still her servants I have to say that what mingyue did really made the eldest princess feel more at ease she didn t know mingyue before and even if she entered the palace.

Knows how to keep healthy no wonder sister wen qiong is in such good condition I want to quit yogurt sponsor believe it or not I will cry for you sister wen qiong s dazed look made me laugh.

Little prince thinks that huang ama has deceived him and that woman is a bad person woo she laughed at him for being stupid and lied to him because he was so cute bad bad bad and his huang.

Calm down I ve already searched for the name of this variety show on the internet .

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(Best Diet Pill) is nutella good for weight loss Dream Plastic Surgery ozempic for weight loss pcos Weight Loss Coffee. what should I do if I can t find it everyone didn t expect that the always aloof xindongzhan sister actually.

Bewilderment fang zhi frowned and looked puzzled what about the person before they parted yesterday although the two did not exchange contact information but lin tang said sincerely at the.

Didn t you say that after baocheng there will be a queen mother then baocheng wants to sleep with queen mother baocheng has never slept with huang Lizzo Weight Loss is nutella good for weight loss erniang after finishing speaking the little.

It doesn t count right at eleven o clock at noon the restaurant officially opened and a large number of customers who had been waiting in advance poured in and all six guests began to get.

Being named queen .

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Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss is nutella good for weight loss Dream Plastic Surgery ozempic for weight loss pcos Lizzo Weight Loss. at the moment if anyone bumps into it then it really hits the gun directly what am I afraid of if she what is able weight loss app is capable she will settle accounts with the emperor and the future.

Who was sent by concubine tong to the qianqing palace did not is nutella good for weight loss bring kangxi back to concubine tong he brought back kangxi s words to her the emperor said that there are many teaching nuns in.

Relationship between these two words came to guangji temple with .

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(Shark Tank Keto Pills Reviews) is nutella good for weight loss What Is The Weight Loss Drink From Shark Tank, ozempic for weight loss pcos. kangxi mingyue was a little hesitant when she ozempic for weight loss pcos Action Bronson Weight Loss got the answer from the prince could it be that she was thinking too much.

Course it is also the least obtrusive because tong guifei and mingyue are old acquaintances not only played together when they were young but even had dinner together I haven t seen you for.

Sight the system in his head finally said woo only by doing good deeds in my previous life can I meet brother fang zhi the system s words finally calmed down lin tang s heartbeat perhaps.

As he was about to speak the phone s notification tone suddenly rang he subconsciously glanced down and the screen displayed pay special attention to the fact that momentary heartbeat just.

Are you asking this lin tang said firmly because I think your acting is really good and I want to see your previous works for an actor his greatest capital is his acting what she has to do.

Carefully analyzing the posts about why she chased stars he probably understood her attitude last time he ran into lin tang at the lunch box distribution place and just said hello but she.

Was asked by mingyue not only the tone of the answer but even the steps of his feet became hesitant because of his good hearing he could listen to what mingyue and the little prince said.

Zhu xia having said that fangchun felt that it made sense oh why is this so complicated it was only the first day of entering the palace and it was really a headache for such a thing to.

Application email although these is nutella good for weight loss rules are not the same as those in the previous life they do avoid many risks in her previous life she even saw sister zhan pay for the mail to deliver the.

Shu felt that luo shi was no longer looking forward to mingyue gao s marriage she just hoped that the rest of her life would be mediocre don t make any more waves in your life don t worry.

Concubine tong gui s thoughts after all concubine tong s is nutella good for weight loss swearing in of sovereignty is too offensive even if mingyue even a fool can hear it thinking of the grievances between the original.

Shu shujue luo s eagerness to marry a daughter if she obeys her in everything like the original owner maybe one day she will be married off casually you must know that in the qing dynasty.

Will definitely not forget you as a cousin in the future mingyue our family is not short of this little money if your cousin can really find you a good husband then no matter how much money.

The live broadcast of the crew tonight after all most of the crew mood stabilizers that cause weight loss have this kind of routine operation and the fans who come to the live broadcast room are usually fans unexpectedly fang zhi.

Guarantee has the so called bad luck really passed director xu was silent for a while after a while he patted fang zhi s shoulder frowned and said young kid why don t you so superstitious he.

Taken by a proxy yun tuantuan blinked as if realizing something she exclaimed you you you are a picture of a divine map a unique abigail hawk weight loss way to edit pictures no matter how you look at it it s duan.

Not far away half of a black lens appeared in front of her fang zhi tilted his head .

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(Whats The Best Weight Loss Pill) ozempic for weight loss pcos, is nutella good for weight loss Keto Pills Shark Tank Shark Tank Keto Pills Reviews. amusedly and raised his eyebrows lightly a helpless smile formed on the .

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How Often Should I Eat For Weight Loss ?ozempic for weight loss pcos Keto Advanced Weight Loss Shark Tank Keto Pills On Shark Tank is nutella good for weight loss Dream Plastic Surgery.
Is Weight Loss Surgery Cheating ?is nutella good for weight loss Semaglutide Weight Loss, Weight Loss Shark Tank Drink ozempic for weight loss pcos Chrissy Metz Weight Loss.

(Shark Tank Keto Pills Reviews) is nutella good for weight loss What Is The Weight Loss Drink From Shark Tank, ozempic for weight loss pcos. corner of his lips it s here this.

Game brother cai can basically guess is nutella good for weight loss right every time and the money he wins can add up to a hot pot meal fang zhi knew brother cai was in a hurry by seeing his expression so he suppressed a.

Found it they all have a bad harmful fans ji xiao will not all things fall apart 50 weight loss talk about it duan qingye and fang zhi were both taken away by fans right be more careful see that 1 love 1 is not a fan of leyou.

Thought it was impossible for his mother uku to lie to him right in fact he is very cute the cute and self aware little prince s eyebrows are about to fly when he thinks of this could it be.

That er niang you came out to admire the plum blossoms so I wanted to come and join in the fun there is also a companion when you go back later mingyue came to shu shujue luo s side.

Mingyue is really stupid or fake anyway concubine tong gui was really annoyed by her words she weight loss pills scam took a deep breath secretly and then said the empress is Weight Loss Calculator is nutella good for weight loss joking I didn t take my little brother.

Motherboard was faintly hot the system is still very noisy whoow it should be seen by everyone su su su su host I will use my private money to buy you a promotion okay lin tang s forehead.

Party recognizes her it s fine as for whether she recognizes the other party it doesn t matter too much things because generally speaking those who don t know each other are almost all.

Frequently these days are you afraid that the people from dierniang s side will find out no afraid they found out when they found out faka s attention was immediately diverted by mingyue i.

As the new empress so he said to the little prince I didn t let niu gulu enter the palace as a concubine but I .

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How Often Should I Eat For Weight Loss ?ozempic for weight loss pcos Keto Advanced Weight Loss Shark Tank Keto Pills On Shark Tank is nutella good for weight loss Dream Plastic Surgery.
Is Weight Loss Surgery Cheating ?is nutella good for weight loss Semaglutide Weight Loss, Weight Loss Shark Tank Drink ozempic for weight loss pcos Chrissy Metz Weight Loss.

Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss is nutella good for weight loss Dream Plastic Surgery ozempic for weight loss pcos Lizzo Weight Loss. wanted to make her a queen the little prince please keep in .

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Keto 1500 Shark Tank is nutella good for weight loss Weight Loss From Shark Tank, ozempic for weight loss pcos. mind the.

Son who lost his mother when he was young so why is she willing to come out and sing a bad face so kangxi felt that if he really wanted to find someone to take care of the little prince then.

She heard suo etu read out the contents of the booklet I only follow the law of vitamin injections for weight loss the universe and internal governance is the foundation of human relations mingyue who was also kneeling on the.

Fact with the imperial decree mingyue is is nutella good for weight loss a surefire future queen in this way come on when she enters the palace few people can ask her to medical weight loss clinic reviews greet her this was indeed a good thing for mingyue.

Because of this or she will lose her fans where did these fans come from do you know anyone qing ye s little baby calm down everyone I ve already noticed something s wrong wait for me for a.

Kangxi bow your head instead where to buy liquid gold weight loss ketogenic weight loss support pills of the bright moon she looked at kangxi and said your majesty why don t you accompany my concubine to the kunning palace at that time my concubine will definitely.

Fell in love with her right if this is really the case don t say kaka is a native even mingyue who travels through is not acceptable she raised her eyes and glanced at kangxi seeing that he.

Looked at her in the impression of .

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Best Weight Loss Pills For WomenKeto 1500 Shark Tank ozempic for weight loss pcos, is nutella good for weight loss What Was The Weight Loss Product On Shark Tank Healthy Meals For Weight Loss.
Best Weight Loss Supplement For Womenozempic for weight loss pcos Keto Advanced Weight Loss Shark Tank Keto Pills On Shark Tank is nutella good for weight loss Dream Plastic Surgery.
Best Weight Loss Pills WomenKeto 1500 Shark Tank ozempic for weight loss pcos, is nutella good for weight loss What Was The Weight Loss Product On Shark Tank Healthy Meals For Weight Loss.

Keto 1500 Shark Tank is nutella good for weight loss Weight Loss From Shark Tank, ozempic for weight loss pcos. the empress dowager in the novel the little gege is hummus good for weight loss of niu yulu s family is still a little girl in her early ten years old although she is good looking she.

Was ranked as a concubine as soon as she entered the palace at that time there were no living high ranking concubines in kangxi s harem let alone a queen it can be said that once concubine.

Whole body was enveloped by his figure at that how does weight loss injections work time and the smell on my body was also super good with a faint fragrance of green Weight Loss Calculator is nutella good for weight loss grass with a hint of bitterness like a breeze blowing in the.

Head okay boss wait for lin tang to arrive after the commercial performance the outdoor stage has been set up and several staff members are adjusting the sound the time is just right there.

Watch variety does kentucky medicaid cover weight loss pills shows besides yes now that she has earned money she can always take a .

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Keto 1500 Shark Tank is nutella good for weight loss Weight Loss From Shark Tank, ozempic for weight loss pcos. break right editing pictures every day she will be tired too so lin tang nestled down on the seat.

Original owner was the second wife of kangxi in history empress xiaozhaoren after all from the memory of the original best weight loss tips owner although ye bilong is more than phentermine for weight loss is nutella good for weight loss Shark Tank Keto Gt her daughter the original owner is.

Recently fang yi opened his mouth and explained it s lin lexi s manager gao jia on a variety show before ji xiao and lin lexi unexpectedly gained a lot of cp fans so gao jia a plan was.


By the director of mist but investing of course the sooner can emdr help with weight loss the better she looked around in the circle a kind faced group head was selected with half bald hair shining brightly in the sun.

Heart up he had an unbelievable look on his face but still stubbornly squeezed out a sentence I am so handsome even if I climb the wall I will climb back I just saw her pat me ah when we.

Meaningfully and said slowly do you think the most important thing for an artist is what is it chen yang frowned what do you mean by that he was silent for a moment and then said personal.

The hundredth time sister xindongzhan for helping me find my long lost husband don t call me boyfriend thank you ozempic for weight loss pcos Action Bronson Weight Loss when I marry brother qingye in the future I must invite sister xindongzhan.

Today as a foil after the empress dowager drank ming yuejing s tea she did not grow old he told her what to do and what not to do as a queen because she had never been a queen when she was.

Sisters but mingyu never thought that after she finished filing a complaint her mother would be indifferent emiang mingyu looked at bayara s expression that didn t change and was a little.

Commercial performance he saw the trending search pushed by his mobile phone sunset when is nutella good for weight loss she clicked in she saw that the company had just posted a weibo directly announcing the complete.

Result an imperial decree came down not only requiring her to enter the main palace but also requiring her to raise the prince mingyue the crowd watching the struggle in the harem continued.

Speak he was interrupted by mingyue and faka s voice calling shu shujue luo why are you here shu shujue luo looked at their siblings unexpectedly faka and I have nothing to do today I heard.

Immortal right can you capture this at this moment a prompt popped up on the screen duan qingye liked your post weibo it s so late and you still don t sleep wait does liking it mean that he.

This time he really has a somewhat real is nutella good for weight loss feeling of facing fans he had worked as a network sailor before I once received a job to scold the company of the star on behalf of the is candy good for weight loss fans he holds.

Said okay okay don t worry I ll ask the copyright .

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is nutella good for weight loss Weight Loss Coffee, (Do Keto Pills Work) ozempic for weight loss pcos Regal Keto Shark Tank Episode. department later people after finishing speaking he boasted again it s very good that you have this thought duan qingye lowered his head.

Couldn t bear it any longer outputting like a machine gun is this really a picture that can be repaired overnight that s reasonable is it unreasonable am I dreaming boss what do you think.

So strange after all half a day is long enough for everyone to know about the morning s events and it s no secret that faka has always been closer to the people in dafang it s just that faka.

Concubine rong that mrs hesheli was in a position where she could clearly know when the little prince came in at that time she guessed what mrs hesheli must be trying to do sure enough it.

The empress dowager and I will definitely take care of this matter the mother of the compassionate ning palace responded seeing that she had put the empress dowager s all the orders were.

Distance from concubine rong for fear of being implicated by her you don t need to ask her to know that tong guifei must be in a state of extreme emotional instability because of niu colu s.

Next to her is my station sister he thought very naturally the fans ji xiao was talking about were .

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(Whats The Best Weight Loss Pill) ozempic for weight loss pcos, is nutella good for weight loss Keto Pills Shark Tank Shark Tank Keto Pills Reviews. yun tuantuan standing beside lin tang ji xiao looked surprised what a coincidence waitshe.

Quickly grabbed him clarification is necessary but before clarifying we must first find out who is playing tricks inside the author has something to say guess guess who s playing tricks in.

The other had the same idea as themselves they all think that tong guifei did this on Dream Plastic Surgery is nutella good for weight loss purpose indeed concubine tong did it on purpose how could she not remember to go to kunning palace to.

A momentary commotion all around lin tang turned around and recognized director qian immediately she immediately realized something and said quickly let s go to the side and talk what if duan.

Person concubine rong continued to criticize xi concubine as if she was eating fish I didn t mean that xi concubine retorted the so called benevolence sees benevolence and the wise sees.

Chatting together wen qiong accidentally revealed a piece of news it is indeed fate I just came out of the drama theater that day and I was planning to go home directly I happened to hear.

Here is the bill for today s purchase fang zhi from the back kitchen also came out when he heard the movement outside don t wait for wen qiong when he opened his mouth he took the.

Deliberate it s like the cool sound of ice cubes shaking in whiskey glasses late at night with five years of experience as a trainee and nearly a year of experience in boy groups he can.

Old after adding filters and special effects to movies and ordinary tv series even if the resolution is high the picture quality will still how much weight loss in 90 days look a bit cheap but this video picture is subtly.

Whole body was dizzy when you see the people of niu gulu s clan all come to congratulate with generous gifts at that time shu shu felt that luo shi had a feeling of drinking a glass of ice.

Didn t expect how do i use acv for weight loss you to be such a person before kangxi could say anything mingyue rolled her eyes too much to my liking after finishing speaking mingyue turned her head and said to zhu xia and.

Important lin tang was stunned for a moment but he didn t expect that this was what he was talking about how could she explain it said that she was actually busy climbing the wall especially.

I am really looking forward to it her profile picture has just been changed to the photo posted by xindong station comments flooded in instantly ah ah I is oolong tea better than green tea for weight loss m so envious hahahaha I laughed so.

S residence or away from home at that time shu shu felt that luo shi was cute and went out but ever since ye bilong and aobai had accidents one after another even if faka later inherited the.

Gulu family eldest sister are you still afraid that he will have no future and think about it eldest sister if my eldest niece marries high that s right it looks good on the face but in.

Knows this very well the empress dowager is already alive and well so she naturally knows it clearly but the little prince who is under five years old doesn t know what kind of worldly ways.

There was a tidbit on the official blog of a martial arts drama before in the photo a group of actors holding swords and wearing ancient costumes sat in a row all with their heads down and.

Family are very urgency conscious how did the tong family become the new rich in the capital isn t it because the original empress xiao kangzhang gave birth to kangxi are the members of the.

Definitely go to sue di erniang mingru was overjoyed and began to worry about the consequences again could it be that mingyu is going to sue di erniang didn t you just do that mingyue.

What she didn t know was that does leek soup cause weight loss someone did something wrong last night dreamed for example the emperor in the forbidden city the author has something to say open a new article because of the.

With the royal family at all it is true that if the empress dowager is full if mingyue wants to marry her then maybe she can point out a good marriage for her so that she won t have to worry.

Episode made me laugh so hard I didn t even notice it when I was watching the live broadcast I wanted to wait to see the feature film clipi really can t wait any longer is nutella good for weight loss after reading the.

Was a little reluctant later after is nutella good for weight loss getting in touch with the other party the first time he knew him so patiently and listened to himself talker the most important thing is that the other.

Shooting with a large aperture and grading this style is very suitable is nutella good for weight loss for taking portraits or photos especially those with a fresher style ah ah I m so heartbroken I want to take a set of.

System s voice sounded abruptly host do you want to edit the picture lin tang yes fix the picture and send it out is nutella good for weight loss soon after she imported duan qingye s photos to the computer the system s.

Another folder on the computer which was marked the world premiere promotional image this is a photo she has repaired a long time ago but she hasn t decided which one to post yet why don t.

White shirt and black trousers the temperament of the whole body does not feel out of harmony he raised his eyes slightly with sharpness and contempt outlined at the end of his eyes lively.

Background was full of atmosphere he turned his face sideways did not look directly at the camera his frown looked a little angry and his half squatting posture on the ground looked a little.

Fine if it s not mingyue pulled shushujue roche he said to her with his hand emiang I know you expect me well and I didn t mean to disobey you but I just want me to marry someone casually i.

Reincarnation of wenquxing mingyue said as if casually authentic it can t be that the bailey sarian weight loss surgery signature is wrong right it must be faka blurted out and seeing mingyue s expression became a little.

Really knew about this because he had already greeted liang bao in advance and reminded him to keep an eye on kunning palace liang jiugong let liang bao stare at kunning palace not because he.

Food with the bodhisattva in the end who knew that bodhisattva was so unreliable not only he failed to bless her to be single for the rest of her life but instead let her marry kangxi the.

Popular in the circle soon absolutely the master is walking everywhere there is already a master photographer on weibo who has published color correction strategies but I don t think this.

What often happens later unless the popularity of the flying guests is too high and the agent has the can apple cider vinegar help in weight loss ability to intervene in the post editing the program team will try to adjust it as much.

Generation cares about me let alone declare me into the palace to deal with me shu shu felt that luo shi was comforted by mingyue and felt that what she said made sense but she was really.

Ears ba yala said I told her to let her study the rules seriously on the other side I will vent my anger on her as a result she promised me well with her front foot but she made her own.

His hands and feet until the bright moon was getting better mingyue still had reason to speak of at the beginning but when her reason was knocked out she completely followed her instincts.

Territory and he doesn t look outside at all not only was she invisible in kunning palace but she was is nutella good for weight loss also a cheap mother in front of mingyue just like now the little prince came in from the.

Qingye being frequently searched every day and it s hard to know and every time he clicks on the hot search sure see the name a moment of heartbeat in contrast it is very angry manager fang.

Have if you marry the person in question is your younger brother are you still afraid that faka will treat you badly in the dowry shu shu felt that luo shi was right she was angry after all.

First day to greet mingyue so she didn t dare to delay even though the time was obviously loose but she was afraid that she would be late or start from the compassion palace in advance for.

That there was no movement from her side and she was so focused on learning the rules of mingyu as if she really didn t take this matter to heart as she said now that such an incident.

Feeling when shooting just now the corners of the mouth are unconsciously raised that s right this is the happiness that chasing stars should have there is a slight shake at the beginning of.