Everything You Need To Know About Bust Enhancement In Singapore
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everything you need to know about bust enhancement in singapore

Everything You Need To Know About Bust Enhancement In Singapore

Body shape and measurements are major concerns of the youth who seeks beauty and attraction. It is no mystery that bust enhancement (also known as “breast enlargement” or “breast augmentation”) is a hot topic among young women not only in Singapore but also worldwide. Since Southeast Asian women commonly have smaller breasts, bust enhancement procedures have higher popularity in places like Singapore.

Despite the interest, many females are deterred from undergoing these surgeries by the fear of side effects. Lack of proper knowledge is the reason behind this. As this would be a decision that affects both your appearance and confidence, let us guide you through everything you need to know about bust enhancement in Singapore. Both Silicone Implants and Fat Grafting, which are the two main methods of bust enhancement will be addressed in this article.

What Is Bust Enhancement?

Bust enhancement is an invasive procedure that enhances the appearance of the breast by increasing its volume while improving its shape. Anatomically, the breast is composed of skin, fat and glands. Therefore, increasing the volume of the breast can be done using an implant or one’s very own fat tissue, also known as fat grafting to the breast.

This is an enhancement surgery, which is different from “breast lift” which lifts sagging skin and nipples from a lower position. Yet, “breast lift” could be combined with either breast enlargement or reduction.

What Are The Available Methods Of Bust Enhancement In Singapore?

There are two main methods.

  1. Breast Implants
  2. Fat Grafting

Breast Implants – Mainly “Silicone Implants”

silicon breast implants

Just like in any other cosmetic surgery, there are several things that you should decide with your consultant before initiating breast implants.

The Shape Of The Breast Implants

breast implant shapes

The round shape looks fuller, and it is unlikely to rotate out of place, but this looks unnatural as it is not the shape of a normal breast. On the contrary, the teardrop shape looks more natural and also has a firmer appearance. The shape of the ergonomic implants changes according to the posture. They are teardrop in shape when the person is standing, and round in shape when the person is lying down.

[H3] The Size Of The Breast Implants

size comparison for breast implants

The skin’s ability to stretch and accommodate the implant will be taken into consideration when deciding the size of the implant. For most patients, the recommended increment will not go beyond two cup sizes, and that would help prevent complications as well as a prolonged downtime.

The Texture Of The Breast Implants

Smooth implants have higher mobility within the breast, and that makes it more natural, whereas the textured implants have lesser mobility making them unlikely to be repositioned. Nano-textured implants are the most novel type that is more compatible with cell surfaces, and it is less likely to cause complications.

difference in breast implant texture

The Material Of The Breast Implants

Silicone gel is the most commonly used material since it helps to get the feeling of the natural breast. Even if the implant shell breaks, the cohesive silicone gel implants (also known as “gummy bear implants”), stays in their place, preventing any migration of silicone to other areas of the body. This added safety feature is seen in the latest generation of cohesive silicone implants.

Breast Enhancement With Implants – How Does It Work?

Now let us take a look at the major steps of this surgery. The procedure is started with giving general anaesthesia to control pain during the surgery. Making an incision on the skin is the next step. The incision is usually determined by the body type, the expectations of the patient, and the type of implant. The base of the breast (inframammary fold) is the most commonly used incision site as shorter incisions could be made in this hidden area. The armpit (axilla) and the areolar region (the pigmented area around the nipple) are the other usable sites.


The next step is inserting the implant into the space created beneath or above the chest muscle. The insertion is done using a special sleeve to reduce unwanted side effects. Finally, the skin incision is sutured.

breast implant positioning

Advantage Of Fat Grafting For Implants

In this method, fat is harvested from a part of the patient’s own body where extra fat is available such as the thighs, abdomen, flank, or buttocks. This step is known as “liposuction.” Then that fat is processed and purified. Then the obtained fat cells and stem cells are injected into the breast.

breast augmentation with fat injection

Fat grafting has the extra benefit of reducing unwanted fat from some areas of the body. Since the injected fat cells are from your own body, it is more natural and safer than implanting a foreign material. Less scarring is also an advantage of Fat Grafting

Which Is Better For Me? Silicone Implants Or Fat Grafts?

The most suitable method for you should be sought after a thorough conversation with your consultant as both have their pros and cons. In silicone implants, it is easier to reach a size that is two cup sizes higher. It would take a few sessions with three to six months intervals in between to get the same result from Fat Grafting. The shape and size also look more distinct in Silicone implants. Another fact is that Fat Grafting cannot be performed if a sufficient amount of good quality fat cannot be harvested from the patient.

What Are The Things You Should Follow After Bust Enhancement?

The after-care is mainly focused on physical activities, garments, and medications. Although the daily routine is not affected, heavy physical activities should be avoided for about two weeks. Simple stretching exercises which help the skin adjustment will be advised, and these should be performed daily during the first week. After two weeks, light exercises can be introduced gradually.

compression garment for bust enhancement surgery recovery

Compression garments are helpful in both shaping the breast and controlling the swelling. Normal bras without wires can be introduced after about three to four weeks after surgery, and wired bras can be considered after around five to six weeks later.

The medications and supplements are given to control the pain, swelling, infections, prevent scarring and speed up recovery. These should be taken accordingly during the initial recovery.

Common Questions That You May Get About Bust Enhancement In Singapore

Would I Feel Pain Or Numbness After The Surgery?

Even though you are on pain killers, you may feel a mild pain with a stretching sensation for about two weeks which should not be an interruption to your daily routine. In Fat Grafting, minor aches could be felt in the areas of fat harvesting for about four to seven days.

As for the numbness, a lesser proportion has complained of numbness or even higher sensitivity around the breast, but the normal sensation should gradually return as the site recovers. Yet, it is better to keep in mind that the incisions which are placed on the nipple or the areola have a higher chance of nipple sensitivity changes.

Could I Take A Shower On The Same Day?

Not on the day of the surgery. But, you could take a shower the very next day if the surgical site is covered with a waterproof bandage.

Would I Feel And Look Unnatural After Bust Enhancement?

Your breasts may be felt tight and elevated for the first three months until the skin gets stretched and adjusted. Within this period, changes are noticeable by others too. After five to six months, the breasts will look normal, and their natural softness will also improve with time.

Would I Experience Capsular Contracture Afterward?

Capsular contracture occurs when the body creates a barrier of scar tissue around any foreign body during healing. This is beneficial in the case of implants as it helps to prevent slippage. Yet, if the hardening increases beyond the optimal level, it could not only affect the appearance but also would cause pain. This could be reduced by choosing a nano-textured implant.

Is Breastfeeding A Contraindication For Bust Enhancement?

It is not affected by this procedure. Yet, you must inform your surgeon if you are hoping to breastfeed in the future, as that will affect the plan of your surgery including the implant placement.

Could Bust Enhancement Be Misidentified In Breast Cancer Surveillance?

Possibly not as experienced radiologists could differentiate cancer from an implant.

Could Corrections Be Made?

Corrections could be made through minor or major procedures, but they will always cause an additional cost.

What Should Be Discussed With Your Doctor About Bust Enhancement?

bust enhancement consultation

A licensed and experienced plastic surgeon who has specialized in bust enhancement is essential if you want to undergo this surgery without fear of adverse effects. Communication is important, and a good surgeon should be able to clarify your doubts. A thorough assessment by the doctor should be performed before deciding the method, the shape, and the size. The doctor will also explain in detail the placement of the incision site, the duration of the recovery period, and the potential complications.

Are There Any Other Non-Surgical Methods Of Bust Enhancement?

Non-surgical methods are not FDA-approved and hence unreliable. Especially, breast fillers are not recommended due to the potential risk of filler migration when done in large volumes.


Bust Enhancement is not a new concept to the world anymore, but it is enriched by new technology day by day. If you are willing to get the benefits, good background knowledge and a well-experienced doctor will be the keys to your success!



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