Is Liposuction Procedure for Men & Women The Same?

liposuction for men and women singapore

Liposuction has long been considered one of the popular cosmetic treatments among females. However, in the past two decades, a significant rise has been seen in the total number of men seeking liposuction. Although the purpose of this treatment in both genders is to get rid of stubborn fat that is resistant to diet and […]

Cost Of Liposuction For Men In Singapore

cost of liposuction for men in singapore

Liposuction treatment is usually deemed as a procedure solely meant for women; however, men can also benefit from it. It is particularly useful to get rid of the stubborn fat that is refractory towards exercise and diet. Recent statistics show that more men are now seeking such treatments. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery […]

Incisional vs. Non-Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery In Singapore   

incisional vs non-incisional double eyelid surgery

People with double eyelids have a more beautiful and exotic aesthetic appearance than people with a single eyelid. While there is no medical advantage of having double or single eyelids, double eyelids are considered to make the eyes more energetic and livelier than monolids. Since some East Asians, including Singaporeans, are not born with supratarsal […]