Breast Surgeon Singapore: How To Choose A Specialist You Can Trust?
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Breast Surgeon Singapore: How To Choose A Specialist You Can Trust?

Planning your breast augmentation or reduction procedure? It is critical to settle on the right practitioner, as the consequences of your decision will linger on for years. If you secure a successful outcome, you will enjoy a boosted appearance and confidence for as long as possible – probably your entire life. However, if the results are poor, it will require additional costs and time to fix the problem.

Not to mention, the whole experience will be heartbreaking. To save yourself from mistakes, check out what to look out for when choosing a breast surgeon in Singapore.


There is a difference between operating on a bone and working on soft tissue. Just like addressing an eye problem is not the same as removing fat from the body. Every cosmetic surgeon has their own subspecialty that renders them competent in a particular area. For example, someone might be qualified in nose jobs and another person may be good at removing eye bags.

If you have had general surgery like partial mastectomy (a breast-conserving technique which leaves a part of the breast intact) or total mastectomy (where all of the surrounding tissue and glands are removed), it’s only natural to want to restore the original shape of your chest via a breast reconstruction procedure. In this case, you should go to a practitioner who regularly performs breast reconstruction surgeries rather than one who only does this every once in a while.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for someone who is experienced in one field to deliver a treatment that is not entirely within their scope of expertise. And this is what you want to abstain from. So, request information from your doctor about the number of operations they have carried out with respect to your area of concern, how long they have been practising their subspecialty, and how much training they received overall. Also, if there will be another person assisting with the manipulation, like an anaesthesiologist, it’s okay to inquire about their skills and competence too.


A seasoned and confident breast surgeon in Singapore will not feel like a tradesperson trying to sell you breast implants like an old pair of shoes. The breast surgeon will go into a lot of detail about the manipulation, from what it entails to what risks are involved. If you manage to get an honest perspective on how your chest will look after the operation, then this is the type of professional you would want to opt for.

The ideal specialist will not only give you a glut of information but also discuss the pros and cons of the procedure. After all, it does have a negative impact and they need to make this clear from the start. You should not be heading out of the office stuck with the impression that breast augmentation is a walk in the park. It’s not the same as getting your nails done; there are risks involved and if you don’t recognise how serious it is, you had better not go under the knife.

Last but not least, they ought to allocate enough time for you to think about whether you want to undergo the surgery or not. At the end of the day, the decision should be left to you.


Before you meet with the doctor, be sure to put down a list of things you would like to ask them. Be specific and outright. Here is what you should inquire about:

  • Which one is better: silicone or saline implants?
  • What training do you have?
  • Are you certified?
  • Will there be any scars? If so, will they be too obvious?
  • How long will I be recovering?
  • Realistically, how will this treatment meet my expectations?
  • Have you had cases of complications and how did it go?
  • Am I a good candidate for my desired breast surgery intervention? Why or why not?
  • Will fat grafting benefit me?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What type of anaesthesia is required?
  • Where will the manipulation take place?
  • Is the facility accredited?
  • What payment options are available?
  • Is a down payment necessary?
  • What is the final price?


You want to look at “before and after” pictures to determine if you are pleased with the outcomes other patients obtained. Aside from finding out how good the surgeon is at their job, you can also figure out whether their aesthetic sense corresponds to yours. Some people seek more natural results while others like to go a little bit bigger and out of proportion. Make sure that the specialist knows what you are willing to get. Good communication always goes a long way.

Also, when inspecting these photos, select individuals who have a similar breast shape and torso to yours. This will give you a better idea of the results you will yield. Not only that, but it will help you understand how the surgeon performs the procedure on patients with the same body type and concerns. It’s like a sneak peek of what to expect. And then, if you like how it came out, you can safely assume this is the Specialist, with a capital “S”, you are after.


Aside from picking a skilled and experienced doctor, you should also consider how the personnel are approaching you, as these are the people who will assist your needs post-treatment. Having an invasive procedure like breast surgery is a stressful experience, even if you are doing it for the sake of being more beautiful and not because you have to. You want to be surrounded by people who will take care of you, won’t ignore you, and will make you feel at ease. In most cases, you will see whether they have good bedside manners right from the moment you walk into the edifice. If they are polite and happy to see you, the atmosphere welcoming and warm, then everything is okay.


There are many reasons to beware of low costs with regard to surgical treatments. For one, the practitioner may be inexperienced and poorly equipped for the manipulation or using outdated implants and tools. This is nothing but concerning, to say the least. Second, it could mean that the facility where operations are executed is non-compliant, which is definitely not something you want to experience. Another reason to avoid discounts like the plague is that the quoted price might be exclusive of additional costs and fees. And finally, it could be that they are just desperately trying to get new patients. That’s another red flag to eschew.


f minimally invasive procedures are not 100% safe, then imagine the complications that could arise with a major surgery like breast augmentation, breast reconstruction or breast reduction. Make sure you are fully acquainted with the potential dangers that your operation will carry. Take some time to ponder over it and don’t show up at the doctor’s door unless you are certain you want this.

Many women also have fears that breast augmentation or breast reconstruction surgery may lead to breast cancer. This is actually not true. Still, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in Singapore. We would like to remind all women that early detection is of the utmost importance when it comes to breast cancer. Detecting breast cancers early could mean all the difference between requiring a partial mastectomy or total mastectomy, or even save your life.

If you feel breast lumps, please contact a breast specialist at an appropriate medical centre. Going for a mammogram screening Singapore and breast screening Singapore are both important health screening checks to go for.


You want to read a gazillion reviews on social media and other websites to get a feel for how other people’s procedures came out. There are plenty of patients documenting their journeys all the way from the consultation phase to a couple of months after surgery, so it won’t be difficult to put your hands on some. You can even take things further by contacting one of these fellows to ask for more details or get recommendations. (Needless to say, if you have any friends, family members or acquaintances that have been through this, now is the time to have a word with them.)

At the same time, don’t believe everything you find on the Internet. It’s easy to cook up a fake story about a product or a person and it’s even easier to put it out for everyone to see. When digging through the piles of data, use your critical eye and analyse what is being said and whether it sounds plausible. Look for photos or any other materials that prove the reviewer’s words.