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Rejuran Healer

What is Rejuran Healer?

Rejuran is a treatment for skin healing, also commonly known as Miracle Healer Injection, PDRN Therapy, or . Rejuran Healer is made from polynucleotides and is used as a skin filler treatment. Nucleotides form a long polynucleotide chain when put together and this chain is commonly known as DNA.


The DNA extract found in Rejuran actually comes from salmon. This Salmon DNA provides omega-3 fatty acids and it offers many skin rejuvenation benefits.  According to research, salmon DNA can help with repairing and rejuvenating aging skin from the inside.

Why use salmon DNA for skin rejuvenation?

A 2010 study investigating the effects of rubbing salmon DNA directly on to human skin showed significant improvement in skin texture and skin elasticity of the patients.


The base structure of salmon DNA is quite similar to that of the humans. Several skin treatments use PDRN – a component taken from the salmon DNA – for cosmetic application. PDRN is present in the tissues that have been newly formed. It works to repair skin damage while reducing any aging signs, such as fine lines and wrinkles, at the same time.


Further research also found salmon DNA safe for human use and no serious side effects have been reported. 

The Benefits of Rejuran Healer

Injecting small amounts of Rejuran Healer in the superficial dermis layer provides following skin benefits:

  • Smoother and firmer skin with improved skin elasticity and reduced fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Reduced aging signs as it repairs damaged skin cells for maintaining radiant and young skin.
  • Strengthens and thickens base layers of the skin while promoting formation of new skin cells.


It takes around 4 weeks time for any visible improvement in skin texture to be noticed. For achieving complete benefits of the Rejuran Healer treatment, it is recommended to undergo 4 sessions at 3 weeks intervals. It will help achieve sustainable and long-lasting results. 

How Rejuran Healer Is Different From Suhwa Hydralift Skin Boosters?

Even though both these treatments are administered quite similarly, they work differently and have different purposes.


Suhwa Hydralift SkinBoosters uses a combination of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and btx for skin rejuvenation. It is used to improve overall skin texture and complexion by plumping fine lines, minimizing pores, tighten skin and restoring a healthy glow to aging skin.


Rejuran healer, on the other hand, is a more aggressive anti-aging treatment. It repairs damaged skin cells and makes the skin look young and healthy by reversing the signs of aging.


So, both these treatments work differently for addressing the signs of aging and promoting skin rejuvenation. When used in combination, they can deliver better skin rejuvenation and anti-aging results.


Want more information on Rejuran healer and how it could be used for skin rejuvenation? Get in touch today and our medical team will guide you through the process.

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