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A/Prof Vincent Yeow

A/Prof Yeow was also a key member of the Allergan Breast Augmentation Courses in the Asia Pacific region which educates professionals on the use of new advanced techniques for better results. On top of performing professional duties in his line of work, A/Prof Yeow also believes in helping the misfortune. As the current Chairman of Smile Asia, A/Prof Yeow frequently organize and lead a team of medical professionals to third world countries for mission trips, transforming lives of many children who suffers from cleft lip and palate anomalies.

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Founded in 1999 by Dr Yang-Soo Park, Dream Medical Group (DMG) Korea was built on the expertise of accredited top plastic surgeons from Seoul National University, which boasts the finest plastic surgery program in Korea. DMG continues to grow towards being the leader and innovator in this field. It prides itself on quality and focuses on providing bespoke approaches in aesthetic plastic surgery.

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